ok, here is our itinerary.

flight from Vienna: 17/July
transit in Bangkok and arrival in PENANG!!: 18/July
– we’ll be in land of the good food till 25/July; then flying to KL at night.

in KL: 26/July, 27/July (morning only), 31/July & 1/Aug (till noon only)

in HK: 27/July (night), 28/July, 29/July, 30/July

– flying to KUCHING 1/Aug; and will be in KUCHING till 7/Aug.
– flying back to Slovakia 8/Aug

detail itinerary in KL:
– family photo shoot in the morning with Jesse&Eric
– Sunday church service
– lunch with Dave & Peich
– dinner with gang

– breakfast with Ps Chan & family
– official errands like passport & banking stuff
– noon leaving for airport to HK

– lunch with SSCSM
– dinner with ex-IPO

– Free time in the morning (hope to see Goon’s new baby girl)

as you can see… fully packed!

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  1. Li Ann,
    Wow, ur trip is really pack!! Don’t forget to shop for “Dou You” before u head back to kampung Slovak yeah!!

  2. so pls confirm apa mau makan during our very precious lunch hour with u on sunday after service!!!

  3. thanks for letting me know my itinerary in advance because i really didn’t know what i was going to be doing on the 26th 😛

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