Wah, it’s been a while since I updated this blog-o-mine.

Ok, so 2 more weekends before we hop and sit on the plane for 18hrs on-route to Malaysia <feeling sorry for my bum already>. Striking out the dates on the calender never felt so exciting. High on the list now is to get souveniers for friends and family back home. I wonder if too much fridge magnets will affect the plane… hmm…

Work is also getting slower and slower… what to do… people here are already in holiday mood, plus current economic recession is not exactly doing wonders to the consumer electronics market. Honestly I am getting bored with my job, specifically bored with my current responsibility. There’s only so much you can learn at the “PERSON IN-CHARGE” level.

And thanks to cooking almost everyday, Li-Ann’s culinary skill have improved so drastically that I’d blame her for looking forward to coming home everyday to eat rather than spend money eating outside. Honestly speaking, 48 Stromova (our apartment address) is the best restaurant there is in Slovakia, IMHO.

I’m also now a new convert of Dave Barry, a humor columnist from US that have written (and still is writing) tonnes of books that is guaranteed to make you laugh (and girls roll their eyes). If you like shallow writings that provoke your thoughts (how that happens is beyond me), you’ll like him. Look him up in www.amazon.com and you’ll find some of the books with preview function. Heck, I’ve already bought 3 books and the next 8 will be coming soon.

Cheers all. See you all in 3 weeks time.

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