My Latest Squeeze


Recently the car that I’m driving, the Toyota Avensis, starting *coughing* up problems (what to do, 7 years old liao), so now it’s in the hospital for checks and repair.

In the meantime, here’s the car I’m currently driving.






The Audi A4 1.8T (2003)

The Audi A4 1.8T (2003)

Here’s what I love about this car:

  • It’s an auto with tiptronics; real sweet ride. If some goon drives slowly on the fast lane, just switch to manual mode and let him or her eat dust!
  • A full tank (RON95) gives you almost 1000km mileage! In Malaysia, you are considered lucky if your car can break the 400km barrier.
  • Considering the car is already 6yrs old (and truly well driven, almost 200000km to date), you don’t feel a thing at 160kmp/h.
  • Cool factor: Hey, it’s an Audi after all.

And some stinker:

  • the car stinks. The previous owner smoked, BIG time. Every morning, I’m greeted with a waft of bad odour, like the breath of a heavy smoker. After driving one hour (from home to work and vice versa), I feel like I’m driving in a gas chamber.
  • reminds me of how slow our car technology is. For example, the new Proton MPV have this delayed wiper technology, where, after squirting water on the windscreen, the wiper will wipe away the water, then after 5 seconds or so, it will wipe again the trickling bits. And that’s the latest for our car industry in 2009. Guess what, this car has it since 2003. Sia soi man… Don’t tell me the technology is so expensive that we cannot introduce it all in until 2009… na beh, it’s like telling someone the price of a plate of chicken rice will double if you add char siew to it! < i don’t see the relations either>
  • I don’t get to keep it! My grade at work not high enough …. T_T


 At least I get to enjoy it for the weekend before returning it on Monday.


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