I’ve got food on my mind


With less than 2 weeks to go before we step foot on the glorious land of Malaysia and risking heat stroke, it feels like my tongue and nose are already there, tasting and smelling all the flavors and aromas from our absolutely, unbelievably and irreplaceable hawker foods. In short, I can’t wait to get back.

Here’s my top 5 list of food that I MUST have:




a. Kolo mee in Carpenter Street – But the one that I really love is not found in Min Joo Cafe as detailed by Kenny Sia <God bless that blogger from Kuching>, rather, it’s less famous, but I love it simply because I lived in Carpenter Street and grew up on that kolo mee. The stall (can’t remember the name) is further up Carpenter Street, between furniture shops and opposite it is a Chinese temple with tortoises, if my memory serves me well. The kolo mee flavor is distinctly different and when I was young, they served it with a couple of slices of pig’s kidneys (not sure if they still do). Yum!


so beautiful...

so beautiful...

 b. Sarawak laksa – Anywhere from Kuching will do, just get me on the plane quick!!! 



Possibly my fav dish from Penang

Possibly my fav dish from Penang

 c. Penang curry mee – Before we get into the debate of Kuching vs Penang… let’s not go there. The one at Charlie’s (that row of hawkers at Tanjung Bungah) is pretty good. I love the magic of mixing the white base with the chilli and walla! Penang curry mee… Slurpp!




d. Kajang chicken rice – Yes! Kajang chicken rice! Specifically the one behind the Kajang wet market, where the former Ocean used to be. Hope the blonde-haired chef is still there!


need i say more?

need i say more?

e. Kentucky Fried Chicken – Siao meh? Go back to Malaysia just to eat KFC? But ho… the KFC here is P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. The difference between hot & spicy and original recipe is just the spelling. We had KFC a few days ago and just realized how ddddrrrrryyyyy the chicken is. Malaysia’s KFC is really the best of the lot; the juiciness, the fragrance, the aroma… argh!!!

I’m already looking up Kenny Sia’s best food award to get an idea of where to eat in Kuching; maklumlah… my Penangite wife always complain there’s nothing to eat there. How can she say that? Kolo mee is EVERYWHERE!! Your recommendations are welcomed!!!!!


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  1. I believe, you will really enjoy your time in MY and then return to Slovakia will not kill you:)

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