Stuck in Catcity


life is super duper slow here; if not for Arielle’s daily antics, i can literally sit around the whole day and ‘phak bang’ (chase away mozzies). come to think of it, if not for Arielle, i really really don’t have anything to do at home… maybe start cleaning the house or finish ironing Ayl’s brothers’ big basket of unironed clothes. which was what i did the first time i came to Kuching (for 3 whole weeks!!!) before we got married.

yesterday i got to meet up with Pick Hiong and Jennifer (junior friends from UKM) and over some very expensive and ‘chic’ drinks, we caught up with each other. we met at 7pm, and all of us already had our dinner at home… hahaha! if we were in KL or Penang, we’d be having dinner together instead of after dinner drinks. sighs ~ Kuching life! it’s a norm if you want to go back home for lunch or even just to ‘pang sai’ (use the toilet) and rest for half and hour. everything is slow and easy here. a perfect place for retirees i’d suggest! πŸ™‚

anyway, more of it when i have more to write about… since i’m at home only most times. *yawn*


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  1. Cats never rush, do they? Shouldn’t be too surprised if life is very easy-going in Catcity. Imagine all the entertainments we have to forgo to attain our ‘nine lives’… πŸ˜›

  2. wait till u see miri… :S even slower!! esp for those who stay at home la…. for us who are working…. mcm very busy ler 😦 busy online!! haha!!

  3. ya, it’s boring coz ur not working a penang stall lah haha.. life is just as boring in kajang if there’s no work. hhm. ooh great that you get to catchup with the girls back there.

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