Potty Time!!


it’s not Ikea, it’s not some online super canggih looking or modern designed potty – it’s just the old plastic pot, traditionally shaped for baby’s butt, passed down from generations to generations.

the POT

so proud of my little girl, she finally made progress after so many times sitting on the potty (since last year). though many may think that she’s already late in using the pot (23months’ old) but i’m just so glad that finally she’s understood the function of it!

are you reading this Aylwin papa?? 😀

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  1. Really!!?? That’s great! Hopefully this will spell the end of using too many pampers and papa’s hard-earned money… oh wait, Ashton will be coming soon!!!

  2. like i said, it’s been passed down from generations…. hahaha. but i think still got lah, kuching sure got one. 😛

  3. i think kajang also got these potty la..those plasticware shops got sell. anyways..ashton eh..good decision for using cloth..tho start oni after he no more pang the black sai ok

  4. Titus is going to be 30 months but still doesn’t use potty. He prefers to just sit on the toilet bowl! But sometimes by the time we get him to the toilet bowl, sudah terlambat!

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