A week of bujang-ness


So, after 3 years of being married and having a super-efficient wife who’s absolutely superb at home-management, I have officially endured 1 week without her.

First, being bujang (single; bujang is a local Malaysian term) now and bujang then are two totally different scenarios. Bujang then (student days) meant you had plenty of time, but you also had plenty of nothing in your wallet. I’m not saying that by being bujang now, I’m absolutely loaded, but at least, I have bucket loads of personal time and cash to spare (and then some).

My schedule was somewhat tweaked; usually I’ll be home by 6.30pm to have dinner with my family. Then, I’ll whisk Arielle off to her bath, play with her a bit and then bring her to bed. Normally, I’d be asleep before 10pm. Nowadays, I normally have my dinner at the company canteen before going home. I’d reach home at 8pm or 9pm. A bit of cleaning up (self and apartment) ensues, a bit of web-surfing, then at 11.00pm, I’d hit the sack before the whole routine repeats itself again.

Last Saturday, I learned how to use the washing machine (how sad is that) with my wife and mum looking over my head (yes, my head). I took them to the bathroom where the machine is and placed them on top of the cabinet. Looking back, it was funny getting instructions from 2 ladies (don’t put that in, put that in first, put in 3/4 of the wash powder in both sides of the funnel, etc…). By now I hope you’ve figured out that all these were done via Skype; there’s no way I could lift my wife and my mum over my head unless I’m a forklift. Wait… I think that doesn’t sound right, but anyway…

I made pasta as well, and as any bujang guy who doesn’t have much cooking experience do, I made too much, and the pasta was undercooked. Well, at least I was full.

Cleaning the house wasn’t too bad with the vacuum cleaners. I think the challenge for most bujang guys is to find a proper, systematic way of cleaning.  For example, I noticed that first, I’d vacuum the living room area. Then, before keeping the machine, I’d go and wash the dishes and dry the cleaning area. When it’s all clean and dry, I’d make a cup of coffee, before vacuuming the other areas of the apartment. 3 hours later, I keep the machine, even though I’ve completed the cleaning way before. And I know that my wife’s eyes are rolling reading this entry…

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  1. man….you are so lucky….i have to work…i have to buy groceries, i have to cook, some laundry, clean my dog poo + bathe the dog, i have to vacumn and mop…clean dishes…etc…wah i have so much to do.

  2. Heng… wahlau, what about your wife? After reading your comments, I was surprised that you did not include breast-feeding in your to-do list (joking!)… Put it this way, when I clean the house, it gets twice as messy, and Li-Ann has to clean it all over again, then she’ll get twice as mad. Some guys just have absolutely no talent in home-management.

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