Rainy Season


it’s been raining these past few days with strong winds, loud thunder and lightning, all coming down with heavy raindrops.

i realized one thing about Kuching drivers – some tend to drive into monsoon drains! i’m not kidding…. i just witnessed a car (and it’s a WHOLE car) in a monsoon drain just now as my friends and i were on our way to pick a friend up. the people inside were standing by the roadside with their umbrellas waiting for help, while their car was in the drain with the hazard light on. wonder how it happened, hope none got hurt.

i suddenly recalled the story from Aunt Margaret telling us about her daughter with a friend who drove into a big drain quite a long time ago; and then there was Ayl’s brother who got knocked into a drain as he was trying to drive out of a junction. in just less than a month in Kuching, i’ve heard and witnessed these _______ (insert a word which defines hilarious but also dangerous) real life true events of ppl driving into big drains!

but yesterday’s rain was no joke. the wind was so strong it was scary. after the storm, mom’s papaya tree broke midway and fell, together with the many unripe fruits on it, so sayang (what a waste), they’re so nice to eat, esp when it’s home grown. some of the branches from the mango trees also broke off – mom and dad had quite a lot to clear up. a lot of unripe mangoes fell also, a lot of it were given away while some were made into pickled mangoes. what a shame, coz they’re the sweetest mangoes i’ve ever tasted when they’re ripe; no exaggeration here. some more Ayl was suggesting to mom to sell it when they’re ripe for RM20/kg. hahaha… we’re waiting for the fallen mangoes to turn into gold!


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