Cloth Diaper


thanks to Leona, i’ve also started using pocket diapers and much to my surprise, it’s easier than i thought! i was quite skeptical and was even intimidated to try it coz i’ve used the traditional cloth diaper before during baby’s 1st/2nd month and after only a few days i gave up coz there was just too much hassle. this however, is easy to wash and easy to put on for baby… it’s just a matter of getting used to it as i’ll need to change the diaper more frequent as compared to disposable nappies. the pocket diaper is made out of water proof material on the outside and a soft fiber cloth on the inside that keeps baby’s tush dry.

every time i change her, i’ll soak the microfiber terry cloth insert with water first; and then i’ll wash everything by hand at night. will put the pants and inserts into a laundry net and into the washing machine under spin mode. after 9mins, i’ll hang it in my room overnight and the next day,  it’s already dry. after the spin cycle, the pocket pants are already 80% dry anyway. it’s so easy to clean, no need scrubbing or brushing even though she sometimes soil it.

should have started using this long long time ago if i’d known; saves so much money from buying disposable diapers – gives me a good feeling too as i’m contributing to a better/GREEN environment!! 😀

i bought mine from kasihkusayangku; a package of 3 diapers which comes with 2 inserts each and 3 more inserts to try it out first. since it’s worked so well for me, i think i’ll be buying 3 more.

super absorbent insert

super absorbent insert

one size pocket diaper - adjustable & fits from newborn till baby grows too big for it

one size pocket diaper - adjustable & fits from newborn till baby grows too big for it

folded up

folded up

to all mommies & daddies out there… TRY IT!


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  1. oh goodie, another mother ‘converted’ to CD. “Heal the world we live in…save it for our children…” ooh u might wanna leave it in the sun on some days, that keep the it white and bacteria free! 😛

  2. Lianne,Leona,
    Is it true you should wash these only with non-enzyme based detergents (like Pureen H-A-D) to maintain absorbency?
    That’s what the lady who sold us the diapers told us… she said using normal detergent can reduce absorbency.

  3. that’s what i use lah coz i couldn’t find ‘NappyKleen’. i think it’s better anyway coz normal detergent can sometimes be too harsh for baby’s skin.

  4. actually Pureen HAD is better than Nappikleen so u made a good choice. Nappikleen happen to contain enzymes..anyways now I use Woolite.

  5. hmm… i can use Woolite too in Brats if there’s no cloth-diaper-friendly detergent there. there are lots of things not available there :P~

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