Champion's League 2007/2008 Final

Champion's League 2007/2008 Final

On 21-05-08, I took a day off to watch Man U play in the finals of Champions League against Chelsea. Due to time difference, the game was played 3am in Malaysia. I nearly missed the game, even though I took my alarm clock downstairs where the TV was to make sure I was up for it. Today, I was watching the review again. When it came to the finals, my hands started sweating cold sweats. Then slowly, I remembered…

The joy when Ronaldo scored the first goal.

The shock when Peter Cech made the unbelievable double save.

The disappointment when Lampard scored the equalizer.

The sinking feeling when Ronaldo missed the penalty kick.

The stir of hope when Terry MISSED the penalty kick.

The madness and esctasy when Van der Sar saved the final ball from Anelka.

Champion's League 2007/08 winners

Champion's League 2007/08 winners

Manchester United always…. GLORY GLORY!!!!


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