don’t know about you, but sometimes when i hear a song over the radio, i’m transported back to a particular time and place where i connected with the song. memories come flooding into my mind and i remember exactly where, how old i was, my surroundings, with who i was with, what i was doing, etc as i sing along with the song, remembering the lyrics fully with all the expressions from the singer(s).

it’s crazy… i don’t know how i’m able to do this, must be my superpower! (watching too much Heroes). my dad used to say if only i can remember my history books as well as i remember lyrics!

so just about 10mins ago, the radio played Wilson Phillip’s ‘Impulsive’; and all the memories of singing some of the band’s fav songs with Mel came back to me. i recall vividly our Std 5M classroom upstairs, a bit dark and cool with wooden plank flooring, battered wooden tables and chairs – lazy days as sometimes the teacher was absent and we’d start singing together. this was one of our fav songs – Mel’d be Carnie and i’d be Chynna (yea, we need another person to be Wendy but no one had a voice as good as us, right Mel?) LOL!!


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    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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