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1 week away


i’m 1 week away from due date and really i just can’t wait to deliver!! argh!!

baby, baby… time to come out and see the world darling!

it’s fantastic that Ayl gets to come back to see us even for a day (ETA KCH 30/Oct night – ETD KCH 31/Oct), and we’re so looking forward to seeing him again after just 2 1/2months being away from each other. he has a biz trip to KL office for the whole week next week, so he’s flying in today and will ETA KUL tmr afternoon.

we really thank God for His favour and His goodness that Ayl has such a generous and wonderful boss! the parents here hope that by then, baby will already be out and he gets to see the newborn. we shall see then…


A nice surprise


Being away from your family is a miserable thing; in my case, my wife is pregnant and due end of this month, and I won’t get to see her, my little daughter and my new-born son until middle of February. In case you don’t know, I am working in Slovakia while my family is in East Malaysia. I’ve always maintained that one of my biggest regret would be missing the birth of my son and not being there for the first 4 months of his life.

Well, last Friday my boss told me that I will be going to West Malaysia at the end of this month for business trip. Which means there is a chance for me to visit my family soon. In fact, sooner than I thought!

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will grant you the desires of your heart!

More updates to come 🙂

Map of Malaysia; I will be in Kuala Lumpur, while my family is in Kuching.

Map of Malaysia; I will be in Kuala Lumpur, while my family is in Kuching.

37 going on 40


no, not the age but the weeks counting down to LABOUR, numero dos!! (number 2)

this Wednesday i’ll be going for my 5th checkup at the government clinic here in Sekama, Kuching (Klinik Ibu dan Anak). the treatment and medication is free although as usual with everything government, there is the long wait. even though there is an ‘appointment’ set (the clinic will set the date to return for checkup) but the time is not, so i will still need to take a number and wait for my turn.

on my first trip there i was a bit confused. there are a few treatment rooms for checkup, a main counter at the side, a doctor’s room and a lab. the procedure is to take a number from the main counter, the nurses give you your card and another number; you put your card unto a box in front of the room which you’re allocated to and wait for your number to be called. meantime, you’ll need to go to the toilet and pee into a small plastic bottle and keep it with you until you go into the room for treatment; the nurses will dip a urine test chit (dunno what you call those) to check. your weight checked, pressure & heart rate as well as the length of your baby inside the womb. this part i dislike the most coz they make you lie down on a high, narrow, stiff and FLAT bed, face up so they can measure the belly. why? it’s freakin uncomfortable for me coz:

1. baby’s already heavy

2. my back hurts like *%#@!^*#!

3. just moving from my side to the position requested is tough work coz the bed is so narrow, and after that, getting down as well

it’s nearly exactly the same kind of bed i was asked to lie on for checkup before they send you to the labour room in Putrajaya Hosp when i was delivering Arielle. already having contractions and i’m forced into such a painful position with 2 belts strapped tightly around my waist – wahlau, like what the Hokkiens say ‘thai tu!!’ (slaughtering a pig; it’s a joke)

anyway, jokes aside – usually that’s all there is to the checkup, mine’s already 2ice monthly since i’m already 8months+. sometimes they will send you to the doctor to go for an ultrasound (with the stupid bed again) and sometimes they will send you to the lab for blood test. how long’s the wait? usually i go 1/2hour before they start the operating hours to take a number; averagely i wait for one and a half hours every time i go. bring a book and mb something to chew on if you think you’d get hungry. one more thing to note, parking is non-existent – you have been warned so best to have someone send you there and back.

if you’re a first-timer, you’ll need to sit for a talk on breastfeeding first before heading for the checkup. and always always, remember to bring tissue for toilet use, and also to remember to return the numbers once you’re done with it. i accidentally took it back with me 2wice, heh heh, my bad.

at 8months

at 8months

belly looks more pointed instead of roundish

belly looks more pointed instead of roundish; checkout my nicely toned biceps!


SO, how is the pregnancy so far? the first trimester was a bit difficult coz i was in Brats at that time, so no Msian food, crave like crazy and was eating junk food from McD and KFC most of the time. didn’t have appetite for anything else, and everything i cooked made me nauseous. thank God i didn’t have throwing up bouts. saw a gyne there and their routine checkup is to check the cervix as well… if you’re a mother already, you’ll know how doctors check them. i was totally caught by surprise (of course not a pleasant one) but even so, not as bad as i thought or had experienced it here in Msia, i even got used to it after a few times. the doc didn’t give any vitamins though unlike my gyne/clinic here, so i had to get some myself from the pharmacy.

this second preg is unplanned like the 1st one; and this time around, i’m more independent and active. i took Arielle for walks in downtown Brats and the zoo with the public bus, walked and walked a lot, up and down hills with her pram, i even took my cousins to the Devin castle (TWICE) when they went for a visit in Brats. it’s as if i was not pregnant at all. but that was all in the early stages when the bulge was not so prominent yet. nowadays, it’s difficult just to get up from sitting on the floor! hahaha…. i’ll not mention how tedious, frustrating and physically tiring it is to have an active 2y.o. always running away from you when you ask her to come so you can bathe her/change her/give her food!

so that’s why i’m really looking forward to deliver, so that i can finally walk normally and not waddle; so that i can keep up with numero uno (number 1) and hug and kiss and cuddle her nicely; so that i can lie down on the bed and sleep comfortably in my fav position (if i get to sleep at all later :P); so that i can dress and look normal again …. so many more things i can think about. by God’s grace, i will deliver soon to a healthy baby with the shortest and painless labour ever!!!!