What’s Next?


so, baby’s out… what’s next?

our current plan, now confirmed, is to return to Brats after CNY ’10. Ayl will come back to Kch on CNY day itself and after 2weeks, we’ll be going to KLIA and off to freezing-winter Brats we go. can’t imagine how the 2 kids will be going from such a hot weather (30*C+) to a freezing one (-10*C n below).

meantime, i’ll still be here in Kch at the in-laws’… now with 2, moving/going around will be difficult since i don’t have a faithful companion who can help me take care of an active running-around lil girl while i have my hands full carrying baby.

coz of this, i won’t be able to go back to Penang… SAD!! 😦 but i’m still hopeful that maybe something will come up and i’ll get to go back maybe for just one day to attend my beloved cousin’s ROM in Dec.


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  1. Leave Arielle with inlaws, appoint wong ade as maid, fly to Penang over weekend with Ashton together with maid, recharge n get happy, maid help carry all the stuffs la

  2. Eh eh…Si Lion nie..since when lar I tukar status?! If pun jadi maid…it’s not appoint, ok! It’s pay!! hehehe… but I don’t mind cubitting Ashton tho…kekeke….

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