Break in Penang


it’s snowing in WP!!

ah yes, finally i have the time to update (only coz FB photo upload’s taking a long long time). God really knows the desire of my heart… i’m going back to Penang later this month, for a month (anyone going up?). would be a good break for the grandparents here from the 3 of us! 🙂 time for the grandparents over there in Pg to take over and have some good run after the 2yo.

purpose of the trip is to hang out with my oh-so-missed family, attend weddings of ppl closest to my heart (yay!! i can make it after all) and EAT EAT EAT!!!

the only problem is … i’ll be travelling alone with 2 small children from KCH – PEN. i’m praying that all will go well esp with Arielle that she doesn’t run around; as long as she stays close. furthermore, the flight from KCH will reach PG at 11pm; really late for Arielle who sleeps at MAX 9pm.

k then, do call me if anyone wants to meet up, though i’m not sure if i can go out conveniently, but you can always come visit me at home! 🙂


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  1. LiAnn,
    I think Baby Sling or pouch will benefits you, you can carry Ashton and take care of Arielle at the same time when you travel alone..=)

  2. I’m planning a trip to Penang in Jan, but no dates firmed. if we’re there we’ll drop by and say hi to you and the kids ok!

  3. ya SP, ald bot online n now waiting for it to be delivered, can’t wait to try it!

    peich, give me a ring la when you’re there!!

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