Daily Archives: February 8, 2010

The Sweetest Thing


HOME is the sweetest thing; nothing else beats it – yes, not even the sweetest smile from Arielle :P~

my 1month trip to Penang proved to be too short although it is the longest stay for me since i started working in KL back in 2003. i don’t think i’ll be able to get enough of Penang, coz leaving it is always difficult for me (there’s a hole in my heart now again). it ain’t just the food, it’s the family and all the memories of my growing up years (the nice ones anyway). i wanted to catch up with everything and with everyone from the years i’ve been away, the milestones that i’ve missed but time always seem to disallow me to. i’ve missed the fun family trips/celebrations, birthdays, Christmases, CNYs, kids growing up years… heck, they don’t even know who i am! SAD 😦

but in anyways, i thank God that at least i did get a chance to go back. and with this trip home, i managed to attend all the weddings i wanted to go but thought i couldn’t initially, and to spend some quality time with my family.

1. my cousin Ai-Leen’s ROM on Christmas eve with Andrew; making her Mrs Leong as well!! 🙂

Ai-Leen & Andrew's ROM

2. Shen Hoei & Loretta’s Wedding on New Year’s eve, crazy date to have a wedding on as the streets were jam packed, what more at E&O Hotel!! too bad i couldn’t stay for the whole party with the countdown and fireworks; my dad picked me up with his motorcycle to beat the super congested traffic.

the happy couple

3. Alisa and Edmund’s Wedding Reception on Jan 2nd at G Hotel – which turned out to be more like a reunion of old classmates from high school! was so nice to see old friends and catch up a bit. brought Arielle along with me and she had a lot of fun with a friend’s daughter Charmaine who is older.

Al and Arielle

some of us in the group of old friends

4. Kevin and Celine’s Wedding Reception, Jan 15th at Island Plaza’s Chinese Restaurant. forgot to bring the camera so didn’t get to take any pictures. coz Kevin is a relative, so everyone at home attended and that included Ashton and Arielle. the highlight of the night – Arielle dancing on the stage with other kids to Abba songs sung by the hired band, and refused to go back when it was time to go.

5. Chance to catch up with friends

didn't get a pic with jon and leona... aiya...

But, most important of all, time spent with my family!!

not enough pics taken

**SIGHS** can i not leave?