Myth Busting


ever since we got to Kuching i’ve been trying to find ways of eliminating mozzies – Arielle’s been bitten crazy by them. she’s got bite marks all over her pretty legs, making me think twice before letting her wear skirts/dresses.

anyway, there was a ‘natural’ alternative that was being passed around in the email. it says to put a certain brand of liquid detergent specifically in lemon fragrance on a white porcelain plate and mozzies will be attracted to it and then die later. i’m not sure how many ppl have actually tried it and claimed to be effective coz i tried it but nothing happened; not even one single mozzy flock near it, maybe the mozzies here prefer mango instead? 😛

but what really really worked was this bottle of citronella oil* i was given by my aunt when i was in Penang. just put a bit of the oil on a piece of gauze/facial cotton and place it on a table in the room. the room will be filled with the smell of the oil which is pleasant to the nose and miraculously, no mozzy-bites at all!! AMAZING!!

this method works better in an AC room coz the smell is stronger.

now this is what’s natural, cheap, and effective!

*Double Swords brand, bought from Tan Pharmacy for only RM5.50, 56ml


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