Update 24Mar10


ok, it’s nearly 1 month now since we got back to Brats and how has life been with TWO kids now?

truth from my heart: it’s really tough and sometimes i think i can really go insane (but i can’t cos i’ve no choice and i’m too responsible for that); i’m surviving and taking each day at a time.

when we got back, the apartment was a mess although Ayl had a friend to help clean it up before we got back.  Ayl has decided to join Citylights (a new fellowship we call church) and we’ve been attending it as a family now that we’re back. although it’s a small group of us, about 20+ people, the people there have touched my heart from the moment we arrived.

after about nearly 16hrs flight (not to mention 7hrs in transit), we were all super super tired. it wouldn’t have been so bad if we didn’t have 2 kids with us, and if we have been given a bassinet seat on the plane… but oh well, we made it here nevertheless. we got to our apartment after the 1hr drive from Vienna airport and Patrick was there to greet us. he helped Ayl with the baggages while i brought the kids up; and on the table there was a card and a vase of flowers to welcome us home. it was so unexpected and so touching to see that; while there was homemade goulash (local soup dish) in the fridge together with some groceries that we might need which the church got for us.

flowers and card; didn't manage to take the pics of the food though 🙂

you might think that this is nothing much, but if you’re in a foreign land and you don’t have your family and friends with you, it’s more than you could ask for.

week 1 – jetlag and getting settled with unpacking including some house cleaning. went over to Patrick/Ivetka’s for dinner on Saturday and got to know them better; the people Ayl spent most of his time with when we were away. the people who were feeding Ayl 😛 – and i must add, Ivetka is a MEAN cook!!

Ivetka and the place where all wonderful food comes from

Patrick with Gabriel and David getting acquainted with Ashton

Gabriel being a big koko to Arielle

bread taken with balsamic vinegar and olive oil; something very different and new to us but good

goooooood foooood - Ayl's plate

week 2 & 3 – had a few friends over, fell sick with flu and fever; had Kieko from church made food for us.

Tio and pretty baby girl Hanna

look how sweet she is!

Ashton meets Hanna

Ivetka & Ashton

homemade sushi rolls and apple pie

i need to add here that it means so much to have ppl making food for us and so openly and willingly have us over for dinner, makes me feel so phai seh; God bless you for being so kind to us.

week 4 – trying to finish up my post here, takes me nearly a week to get this done (as per the title). 3 of us are still taking cough medicine, it’s good that the weather is picking up now, no more below 5*C and some days i can wear short sleeves at home, walking around without socks & woolly slippers.

church is good, though i still don’t get to fully participate in the worship (for those without kids, enjoy it while you get to). Easter is coming up and we’re looking forward to the long holiday this weekend (Ayl’s off from Friday till Mon). but this would also mean we’ll need to stock up groceries coz everything (yes, everything! we’re not in Asia unfortunately) will be closed and we’ll have to cook at home.

more updates after this… my boy is crying for attn now and i think this is sufficient for now. 🙂 Blessed Easter everyone!!


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  1. Dear RaRa,
    I didnt realise you had a blog! Good idea to keep everyone posted on what’s going on with your life. Sounds like 2 kids are keeping you well and truly occupied. Completely understand what you mean about being alone in a foreign land 🙂 but chin up. xx Joanna

  2. Wow, thank God for all the angels God sent u, I think that really helps from insanity! And Ash looks so big next to Hanna!

  3. yes jo, nice of you to drop in. foreign land not so bad if we could also understand the foreign language!!

    lion, Ash’s big for his age… heaaaaavvy man.

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