Silly Girl


i love how Arielle is learning language; esp when she applies words correctly in a context.

2 instances:

1. Silly Girl – just this late afternoon, she woke up and started crying and crying for no reason. that woke Ash up and i was just beside her on the bed. she wanted to pee, so i said she should go to her pot in the toilet. she wanted me to go with her, but i was lazy and it was warm and cozy in bed so i didn’t follow her. she didn’t stop her crying and went to the toilet on her own. in fact, she started to cry even more. so… i went to check on her.

i asked her nicely what was wrong and she couldn’t answer; so i reasoned with her that she’s just going to her potty to pee, nothing wrong with that. and then immediately she stopped crying and started giggling. (???) to that, i said ‘Silly Girl’.

then we were watching Disney’s sitcoms during teatime; one episode of ‘Jonas’ with a girl doing funny stuff and then all of a sudden, Arielle said ‘Silly Girl’! hmm… she catches on real quick huh.

2. Sad – Arielle’s been taking medicine for her cough and because she’s sick, i’ve stopped giving her snacks like pudding/sweets/cold juices but mainly chocolates. while watching tv one day (also Disney), i pointed out that one of the characters in the show is sad. she said with a sad face,’he’s sad because he cannot eat chocolate; cough cough cough.’

i thought it was so funny. but it’s good that she’s getting the meaning of the words correctly at such a tender age! 🙂


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  1. Awww….so cute…
    Really can’t wait for you guys to be back, and then can talk to the cutie pie in ‘new’ languages…kekeke….

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