Ash at 6months


wow… really? as if it was yesterday that i was struggling to latch him on for feeding; all the frustration and self-doubt.


1. Rolling over from back to belly at 5months

2. Sitting up but without balance and falling down sideways

3. Moving front and back with the baby walker

4. Grabbing anything he sees in front of him, which includes my face during feeding time (annoying~)

5. Playing Peekaboo and Giggling

6. Teething; worst time for baby (and the parents too) EVER!! crying in the middle of the night, sometimes inconsolable! very frustrating and tiring.

7. Loves: watching tv, listening to papa/mommy playing the guitar, watching sister and when sister plays peekaboo with him, being talked to and esp loves it when papa comes back from work and gets to be carried

compared to Arielle, this boy’s really strong! it’s difficult to bathe him sometimes because when he tries to grab something he sees, it’s hard to keep a good grip of him as he’s slippery and … we don’t want him to drink or drown in bath water now would we?

other challenges include changing nappies. unlike Arielle, this boy just wouldn’t lie still. he’d turn his body here and there making it hard for me to put the nappy on fast coz … we don’t want peepee on either of us now would we?

i’m currently trying different foods (solids) with him, all pureed of course. i’ve tried banana and sweet potatoes but he seems to only like the baby rice cereal. hmm… it’s ok, there’s no rush. i think i’d really miss cuddling him and feeding him if he were to take to solids so soon.

(video insert here soon)

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  1. I think you’ll be feeding him for a long time loh, even after he’s taking solids.

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