i find a lot of benefits being able to speak more than one language. i’m not talking about the obvious reasons like being able to communicate with a wider range of people from different nations… etc, etc.

since Arielle is learning to understand more and more of the language Ayl & i speak everyday, sometimes she picks up on what we talk about esp on things about her when i ‘report’ to him what has happened during the day.

so having to speak in another language that we don’t use often like (BM/Cantonese/Mandarin) helps us to communicate efficiently with each other and still keeping her in the dark!


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  1. don’t be surprised she’s gonna pick up your other language that you think she do not understand! hehehe

  2. LOL…Juz like my sis & I, we’ll usually speak in hokkien or hainanese in front of Chloe, since she practically knows all the main language (English. Mandarin and BM)… coz kids are good ‘reporters’ too… berhati-hati…heheh…

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