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Why got ‘Lobang’?


there’s a hooooooooooooole in my bread!!! its no wonder i don’t get full eating and eating this. there are 8 buns in this packet, and all of them has a big hole like this in it. so not worth my RM2.50. next time i’ll just get a cup of kaya (coconut jam) and a loaf of Gardenia bread instead.






… having frizzy hair!

… having to struggle to put on a camisole/babyT immediately after a good bath.

… when i prefer body powder to body lotion.

… means STICKY, STICKY, STICKY – not just my skin, but everything else!!

… when the air is still, thick and heavy (like just before it rains), and sometimes breathing is tiring.

… the frustration of having Ayl say to me ‘i’m sticky lah!’ when i try to pass him Ash. (he’s getting heavier!)

… a breeding ground for algae – on the soft-padding at the playground, on the non-grassy patch, on the trunk of the palm tree!

… holding hands are not encouraged 😛


holding a pretend microphone, i interviewed Arielle.

‘What is your name?’

– My name is Arielle (she previously said ‘Arielle is Girl’ when asked in front of everyone in Children Church, hhahaa… don’t ask me why)

‘How old are you?’

– 3 years already.

‘What do you like?’

– Arielle likes Pumpkin!

Super cute when she’s being so nice and when Ash’s asleep.

there’s a meaning behind the ‘pumpkin’ she’s talking about. it has to do with this site was introduced to me by Annette when we were still in Bratislava.

it’s a children’s site for learning English, for ages 2 and above (i’m judging from my own daughter’s competency here) in a very fun and interactive way. there are games and activities to assist learning shapes, colours, the alphabets and phonics, which ultimately leads to reading.

what i like about it is it’s interactive, it has songs to attract my preschool daughter, it focuses on the phonics of every alphabet (even on every click!) and the lesson plans are very interesting. it teaches us the correct pronunciation of every word we use in English (no Manglish here la ya). what’s more? IT’S FREE!!!! it’s a free tool i get to use everyday to homeschool my preschooler. my daughter loves it so much she bugs me everyday for it! (her fav is the Pumpkin) 🙂

so, if you’re looking for a tool to teach your kids English – here’s a very good one; just get online!

what is SAHM?


SAHM – Stay At Home Mom

so i’m back and not working but staying home with the kids. people start asking me what i do at home with them… a simple question i cannot find an answer to. it’s been slightly more than a month already, what have i been doing with them at home?

how do i define the exact job description of a Stay Home Mom??

i ‘officially’ get up from the bed at 8am or 8.30am; ‘officially’ because i was never even fully knocked-out asleep anyway since my no.2 was born (he’s 9months now) but still rouses once or twice in the night. my guess is he’s just checking on us, i don’t know. in addition to that, since my no.1 still shares our room but on her own bed, she gets up sometime at night to use her potty. i know i don’t have to supervise her anymore, but i’m just up just in case.

and then there are the miserable nights when no.1 gets bitten by mozzies and couldn’t stop-whining-and-go-to-bed where i get only 45% of sleep at night because if she doesn’t stop, no.2 will get up as well and THEN, there will be no sleep at all for everyone! that’s life living in the tropical country!

i also get up most nights to switch off the air-con and then open the window for ventilation; to which the Muslim morning prayers will wake me near 6am because we stay so near the mosque. by 7am, Ayl’s alarm would set off but i’d make sure he gets up on time for his bath and work.

babysitting ain’t easy when i also have housework to do. there are laundry and diapers to be washed, dried, folded and kept; there’s the floor to be kept clean for no.2 to crawl on; there is mealtime which means i’ll need to find the time to prepare food before they get hungry and cranky; there is bathtime and naptime and playtime – all these with a lot of attention and focus needed. since no.2 is only 9months, he needs more naptime and often when he’s tired and i’m too busy, he’d get really cranky – and then i’ll go crazy. 🙂 it’s difficult to juggle a curious and active 2+y.o. child with a baby especially when it comes to naptimes; when one wants to sleep and the other one doesn’t. but i thank God that my lil one is a good girl, she’d keep really quiet when i tell her to so that her younger brother gets to sleep. because then, mommy gets to play with her!

EVERYDAY IS UNPREDICTABLE! when things go smooth (no one goes cranky and everyone is ‘tame’), it’s good. but when things go bad, it can get really bad – like losing my sanity!! so what’s the trick to keeping the peace?

1. ensure all their needs are met and satisfied before doing other insignificant things ie laundry, or if you can hold it from going to the toilet or… checking your FB!

2. if you need to prepare food but can’t find the time to – wake up before the kids do or prepare them the day before or whenever you have free time.

3. forget about ME-time; until they’re asleep or when your spouse is back home to take over… for a while. this include your bath/toilet time 😛 well, you know what they say, Love is Sacrifice!

so, this is my day everyday. when i get some ME-time, i try baking (very new at this) and i update my blog!

Settling Down Once Again


wow… i’ve stopped writing for more than a month! how time really flies when there is so much to do. we’re setting up our house little by little, we have most of what we need, the basic necessities like the bed, wardrobe, dining table and chairs, kitchen cabinet except for curtains and a sofa set. i think we’ve gotten so used to living without curtains in Brats (well, we have them in Brats but they were the see-through type) that it’s not in our priority list; but it shall come soon.

after we touched down, we stayed over at Bro Ray’s for a few days and borrowed a car from Bro Fred so we could go around (very grateful to them for their generosity and hospitality). Sis D prepared our lunches and dinners the few days we were there. the kids had a tough time settling down what with the jetlag, different environment and especially the change of weather. Ashton cried and cried nearly every night and didn’t want anyone else but me; not even his ‘Slumberland’ daddy. and because Ashton was crying so loudly, Arielle couldn’t fall asleep. so we’d end up sleeping at 5am and waking up at 12pm for almost a week!

we decided that it wasn’t so nice to have the kids continue wreaking so much havoc in our host’s house (their kids need to go to school) so, we went to purchase a mattress (Vono – comfy!) and quickly moved into our then empty apartment as soon as possible. John’s sister gave us a single mattress and also a small infant mattress, so that helped a bit with our sleeping condition. few days later, we went to purchase things like the water heater, aircon!! and my gas cooker with oven :). woohoo! i get to bake and grill here too!

we got more stuff from Ikea since they were having a SALE and (i don’t know how to phrase this better but…) we got a culture shock! LOL!! either we forgot or we’ve gotten used to shopping at Ikea Bratislava, we just couldn’t understand why there is so many people at Ikea KL – it took us nearly an hour looking for a space just to park our car! what the heck is going on! and inside the showrooms and market place itself, it was so packed that one can’t even walk, you’ll need to tag slowly behind the massive sea of people with trolleys and prams and crying children and oh! just trying to describe it now makes me breathless and lightheaded again. and all we wanted to do was to get what we wanted and get out of there, but then the line at the checkout counters were long as well. really really? does everyone go there to shop for something or just for fun’s sake – coz it was no fun at all for us. no way are we going back there again unless it’s really worth the trip.

currently we’re still waiting for 70% of our stuff from the sea cargo; it’s ETA is mid Aug. by then we’ll have another headache of unpacking and looking for space to keep our things in proper. hopefully everything will fit into this smaller unit. meantime, the kids have adjusted themselves and we’ve somewhat resumed a daily routine; the next big purchase will be for a suitable car because currently we’re using my little white kancil 660cc. nothing wrong with that since my father kept it in really good condition, it’s just a bit constrained due to 2 babyseats behind, and a ‘Slumberland’ daddy-o in front. 🙂

oh and i nearly forgot to mention; the kitchen cabinet we got from the hired contractor was fabulously done with a good price. (thanks Goons!) the materials used aren’t el-cheapo and the workers who came fixed up everything nicely and NEATLY (swept and wiped everything after). needless to say, we were happy with the end product as well as the service. if you’re interested, drop me a line.