Random at Nov 1


i’ve been thinking and thinking of what to write for the past few weeks now and i really can’t think of anything. it’s either i’m too busy, or it’ll take too long or i’m just plain lazy. haha….

i kinda realized something last night as i was ironing Ayl’s working shirts… i’d rather do ironing than babysit. LOL! i know! funny huh? but i rather enjoyed the peace as i was steaming the clothes away – no one clambering over me, scratching and pulling and screaming and demanding. kinda like a ME-time that i needed though it was still a chore.

i recalled talking to Angela about some of the ‘favourite’ house chores we have and frankly, i quite like doing the dishes, mopping and ironing. (don’t ask me why, and NO i won’t go to your house to do it for you LOL!!) what i hate most is taking out the garbage and dusting!

ever wondered what your fav housechore is? šŸ™‚


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  1. Hmmm….let me think…hmmmm….still thinking….hmmmm…don’t think I have any šŸ˜›

  2. Adeline got not chores? Go help Li-Ann with some la! šŸ˜› P.S. How have you been?

    Li-Ann, although I don’t have as many chores as you I can totally relate..

  3. people! watching tv, baking and just putting the clothes into the washing machine without taking them out to hang later are NOT!! chores!!!! what the heck? ahahhaha….

    and it’s just normal for Ade la, she doesn’t even do any how would she know which are her ‘fav’ right?

    dave, this coming from you is a surprise šŸ™‚ but still, nice that we’ve got something like this in common to share. been busier than i’ve been since we got back.

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