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so… Hong Kong


I was in HK for training last week, for a week with Talika and it was good to finally meet up with the peeps I communicate daily with online through skype and email for work. at least now, I have a face to match with the names I write to.

yes, if i haven’t mentioned it before, i’m actually working now at home – full time+flexi hour. so this guarantees my hours at home being ‘full-filled’ 🙂

so, back to Hong Kong. it has great food i can’t deny that, public transport is very efficient, very nice place for a social life as there are so many international people working and living there, and it’s safe; no snatch-theft or ppl breaking your car window to get the bag you left inside – the downside … crazy hectic rush humid small crammy – to  sum it up, if I were to stay for 1 more week, I’d be admitted for having fits or a nervous breakdown. the standard of living is high, like 3times compared to M’sia, living spaces are very small and very expensive, but if you want to live in a bigger place it’ll be far away from town. there are people everywhere from all parts of the world, all walking fast fast; even the escalators in the MTR (subway train) is fast and you’ll have to keep to the right if you don’t plan to walk up so that others can.

view from the office window; narrow skyscrapers

the buildings are all very high and slim coz the inside space is small, so they go upwards instead of sideways. in living quarters, there’s no ceiling fan, just aircon hence the greenhouse effect – super humid climate! in local eateries, the place is small too with MAX 50 heads so when it’s full inside, ppl queue outside waiting for others to leave. our experience of taking the minibus (max 14ppl) was thrilling, if I was single and on the minibus with my boyfriend – it would’ve been a romantic experience. we’ll be hanging onto each other so tightly!


in one day (Sunday), we got to Stanley Beach, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and had lots and lots of local food and then all the way back to Sai Kung. it was really nice seeing HK in that way, before joining rush hour the next day. because we stayed in Sai Kung, just to get to the office, we had to take 2 buses and 2 trains and walk up a steep steep concrete hill with steps which became our morning exercise. all this in 1half hour… and the same routine going back. I really don’t know how my good buddy can do that every week!!


so one week and it was enough for me, I was so ready to head back home – plus I was missing the kids and they were missing me. there’s no place like home…

there’s no place like home.