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I’m sitting here teaching Arielle Mathematics, and waiting for her to respond to me … simple maths like how much is left after $$ amount is spent – basically, it’s addition/subtraction. Since she’s taking a long long time to think, I thought I’d cool down a bit by writing down my thoughts and ask myself some questions:

  1. Why am I getting so agitated/frustrated?
  2. Why am I raising my voice?
  3. What does she learn in school when she can’t do a simple Q like RM1 – 0.45sen??
  4. Is it because I have not followed up with her close enough?
  5. Why do I feel like I’m gonna bleed through my ears, mouth and nose??
  6. Is this normal when teaching one’s own child?
  7. Should I be praying for more patience?
  8. Could it be due to the fact that I’m also trying to swat that one-single-super-annoying mosquito that’s been trying to feed on me with the batt-operated racquet under the table?

And guess what? I also happen to see this just this morning… what does it even mean?? no homework?


*hands up* Can we please shift to Finland, please? Lesser mosquitoes there too.



holding a pretend microphone, i interviewed Arielle.

‘What is your name?’

– My name is Arielle (she previously said ‘Arielle is Girl’ when asked in front of everyone in Children Church, hhahaa… don’t ask me why)

‘How old are you?’

– 3 years already.

‘What do you like?’

– Arielle likes Pumpkin!

Super cute when she’s being so nice and when Ash’s asleep.

there’s a meaning behind the ‘pumpkin’ she’s talking about. it has to do with this site was introduced to me by Annette when we were still in Bratislava.

it’s a children’s site for learning English, for ages 2 and above (i’m judging from my own daughter’s competency here) in a very fun and interactive way. there are games and activities to assist learning shapes, colours, the alphabets and phonics, which ultimately leads to reading.

what i like about it is it’s interactive, it has songs to attract my preschool daughter, it focuses on the phonics of every alphabet (even on every click!) and the lesson plans are very interesting. it teaches us the correct pronunciation of every word we use in English (no Manglish here la ya). what’s more? IT’S FREE!!!! it’s a free tool i get to use everyday to homeschool my preschooler. my daughter loves it so much she bugs me everyday for it! (her fav is the Pumpkin) 🙂

so, if you’re looking for a tool to teach your kids English – here’s a very good one; just get online!



i find a lot of benefits being able to speak more than one language. i’m not talking about the obvious reasons like being able to communicate with a wider range of people from different nations… etc, etc.

since Arielle is learning to understand more and more of the language Ayl & i speak everyday, sometimes she picks up on what we talk about esp on things about her when i ‘report’ to him what has happened during the day.

so having to speak in another language that we don’t use often like (BM/Cantonese/Mandarin) helps us to communicate efficiently with each other and still keeping her in the dark!



On top of some TV shelf in Ikea Bratislava

On top of some TV shelf in Ikea Bratislava

Before battery goes flat, remember to check things out, even though it's meaningless and it's better to just go to my pram and shut my eyes.
Before battery goes flat, remember to check things out, even though it’s meaningless and it’s better to just go to my pram and shut my eyes.
I not sweepy....

I not sweepy....

When a kid is really, really sleepy, the last thing he or she wants to do is to go to sleep. All kids are like that. It’s like there’s a conspiracy somewhere (maybe while in their mother’s womb), all the foetuses in the world decided that it’s a fun thing to do. *When battery meter is low, try to squeeze even more juice out of it at the expense of your parent’s sanity*

Arielle is at that stage now. <God help us>