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Why got ‘Lobang’?


there’s a hooooooooooooole in my bread!!! its no wonder i don’t get full eating and eating this. there are 8 buns in this packet, and all of them has a big hole like this in it. so not worth my RM2.50. next time i’ll just get a cup of kaya (coconut jam) and a loaf of Gardenia bread instead.




I’ve got food on my mind


With less than 2 weeks to go before we step foot on the glorious land of Malaysia and risking heat stroke, it feels like my tongue and nose are already there, tasting and smelling all the flavors and aromas from our absolutely, unbelievably and irreplaceable hawker foods. In short, I can’t wait to get back.

Here’s my top 5 list of food that I MUST have:




a. Kolo mee in Carpenter Street – But the one that I really love is not found in Min Joo Cafe as detailed by Kenny Sia <God bless that blogger from Kuching>, rather, it’s less famous, but I love it simply because I lived in Carpenter Street and grew up on that kolo mee. The stall (can’t remember the name) is further up Carpenter Street, between furniture shops and opposite it is a Chinese temple with tortoises, if my memory serves me well. The kolo mee flavor is distinctly different and when I was young, they served it with a couple of slices of pig’s kidneys (not sure if they still do). Yum!


so beautiful...

so beautiful...

 b. Sarawak laksa – Anywhere from Kuching will do, just get me on the plane quick!!! 



Possibly my fav dish from Penang

Possibly my fav dish from Penang

 c. Penang curry mee – Before we get into the debate of Kuching vs Penang… let’s not go there. The one at Charlie’s (that row of hawkers at Tanjung Bungah) is pretty good. I love the magic of mixing the white base with the chilli and walla! Penang curry mee… Slurpp!




d. Kajang chicken rice – Yes! Kajang chicken rice! Specifically the one behind the Kajang wet market, where the former Ocean used to be. Hope the blonde-haired chef is still there!


need i say more?

need i say more?

e. Kentucky Fried Chicken – Siao meh? Go back to Malaysia just to eat KFC? But ho… the KFC here is P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. The difference between hot & spicy and original recipe is just the spelling. We had KFC a few days ago and just realized how ddddrrrrryyyyy the chicken is. Malaysia’s KFC is really the best of the lot; the juiciness, the fragrance, the aroma… argh!!!

I’m already looking up Kenny Sia’s best food award to get an idea of where to eat in Kuching; maklumlah… my Penangite wife always complain there’s nothing to eat there. How can she say that? Kolo mee is EVERYWHERE!! Your recommendations are welcomed!!!!!

You know it’s economic crisis when…


Ikea starts selling its meatballs for cheap…


Cheaper than your nasi lemak

Cheaper than your nasi lemak with ayam goreng








That’s RM2.50/10pcs of meatballs. If Ikea Malaysia decides to make this kind of promo, I’m pretty sure they’d have to call in the FRU for crowd control. We Malaysians simply love cheap stuffs. 

I don’t blame Ikea Slovakia for this kind of promotion (who would?), and I can understand it as well. In a country of 5.5million people, generating sales is of utmost importance in keeping the business alive. Otherwise, we’d have to travel all the way to Czech Republic just to see that blue logo. And to have their meatballs.



I was looking up Wikipedia for the origin of chili sauce; no clue there.

I remember having chili sauce as accompaniment to the dishes that my mum cooks up, from stir-fried veg to kolo mee (sometimes, when the noodles really beh chiak). But too much of it is also boring la, especially during those younger days when you think that there’s only one type of tomato sauce and chili sauce and both is sweet.

I discovered Maggi had introduced the chili sauce with garlic version (don’t ask me when, can’t remember), and that piqued my interest mightily. It was different, in a good way, and I loved it with fried chicken, especially.

But nothing prepared me for what I was going to experience next, the Kampung Koh Sos Cili Bawang Putih. This thing is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY 3 thumbs up.

I was about to come to Slovakia for my expatriation, so prior to that, was busy stocking up groceries from Tesco Kajang; kiasi that the stuffs in Slovakia may not be good enough for our Asian tastebuds. So there I was happily stocking up the trolley, when I stumbled upon the sauce… well, no light or voice spoke to me; I just randomly took 2 bottles and promptly went to the cashier to pay up.

The groceries arrived about 2 weeks after we reached Slovakia; Li-Ann was so happy that her soy sauce finally arrived. So there she was preparing dinner with authentic Malaysian ingredients, and I was taking out the chili sauce to try….. One taste is enough to convince me that this thing is SUPER. PERIOD.

I don’t know what kind of chili, garlic, sugar, salt, pimped up (modified) starch, citric acid, MSG, edible glue and food conditioner that they use, but the final product is awesome. The right amount of heat, the fragrance is irresistable. I could swear they probably used some belacan but forgot to add it into the list of ingredients. In fact, I near finished half a bottle in one sitting.




But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. RM2.20 only ma… some more now economic recession, maybe got discount some more… 🙂

Of Pizza and Coke


Bratislava have this pizza outlet that I really liked; it’s called Pizza Mizza. Their 50cm pizza is out-of-this-world, and you can read all about that in my wife’s blog. Their pizza is so good, it makes Domino’s Pizza looks like some apprentice’s first time. But for all the good stuffs that they dish out, I went ahead and ordered the Siciliana without knowing what it contained (of course la, menu all in Slovak ma). So when it came, I was absolutely horrified, because it was a 33cm pizza, topped with cheese, tomato… and salted fish! This entry is just to remind myself not to order this pizza in the future, cos for me, it’s really beh chiak!

And speaking of coke, I really think that this drink has not hit Asia yet, so if you’re in Europe, you MUST give it a try, because it is THAT GOOD. ABSOLUTELY. UNBELIEVABLY. GOOD. It’s called Coca Cola Blak, and concoction has truly hit a spot in me. Somehow, this soft drink giant managed to come up with the perfect balance of coke and coffee; just the right amount of sweetness and the delicious aroma of coffee in it. The taste of coke is obvious, the aroma of the coffee just strong enough to tease and tempt you. So far, I’ve not seen it being mass produced into the 1.5l or the 2.0l bottles yet, so I think they are keeping it exclusive (it’s also quite pricey; 200ml for 2euro plus).

Seriously good stuff

Seriously good stuff

Seriously ho liao


For those who know me well, I don’t take too much sweet stuffs; never been a habit of mine. Deserts just don’t rock my boat; I can only take so much before I get all ‘jelak’ with the sweetness.

But, I discovered I have a sweet tooth for a particular chocolate candy bar, Snickers Cruncher. I first tasted this out-of-this-world creation in Malaysia maybe a decade ago, but of course didn’t eat too much of it ‘cos one bar costs you around RM2+, which is big money for me (eh, can buy a bowl of lip-smacking kolo mee leh).

For me, this bar tastes better than the original version, which is much stickier and chocolatey. The cruncher packs more nuts, rice crackers and less chocs, nougats. The hint of saltiness from the nuts goes very well with the nougats and chocolate layer.snickers cruncher

Give it a try!

P/S: I eat this stuff now almost every week ‘cos it’s so cheap to buy it here (around 0.40€ to 0.50€ per bar).