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Bottle Feeding ~ Breast Feeding


Now that I have tried both, here’s my 2cents.

When I first had Arielle, my firstborn, my ideal plan to breastfeed her was shattered. Not only because she was admitted immediately after birth to NICU due to her having congenital pneumonia, I had a traumatic birth experience and my wounds were too painful for me to make frequent visits to the hospital. We got the wrong kind of breastpump (the one that looks like an old horn; Don’t Ever Get That!!) and the nurses in the hospital fed her with the bottle. When she got back home to us after 10days, she has gotten used to the bottle and didn’t want to latch on no matter how we tried. And believe me, how we really tried; just thinking about it now makes me wanna crack up with laughter!! (even though it was really serious matter then).

So, what to do… formula it is then for my dear firstborn and formula till she was 2 years old. We didn’t have much money then, and if you’re a parent, you will know that formulas can cost a FORTUNE! So we bought Dumex brand (they have a few in range) and we got the one closest to our monthly budget. I’m not sure if it’s due to the milk or the weather or because she has a history of pneumonia, but our dear girl got sick nearly every month. I don’t mean just the common flu; most times she’s on antibiotics and a few times she has to go on the ‘gas’ to clear her lungs.

With Bottle Feeding (BoF), we had to have hot water AND boiled water everywhere we went. Thus, we carried a big bag that contained one thermos flask of hot water, a Tupperware bottle for the boiled water, 2 empty milk bottles and a cannister for the formula with the exact measurement. This we lug to the malls, the playground, the church, etc EVERYWHERE and it prolly weighed like a tonne what with all the water we have to carry.

The biggest problem ever we faced for BoF, was when we travel. I’m not talking about travelling within Malaysia itself, because most sundry shops/hypermarkets/supermarkets carry all types of formula milk. Think further…

What happens if you run out of formula milk when you’re in an 18hr flight?

What happens when the milk you used to give your baby, is not sold at the place of destination that you travel to?

What happens if the water in the hot water flask has turned cold? How are you going to make the milk?

These are some of the things we had to consider every time we go out of the house. And because I was careless, we ran out of milk once – not in a flight but when we went travelling once (by car); it was a public holiday and everything was closed! We had to hunt for the only shop that was open in a totally strange and new place to get formula milk, it was strenuous and crazy. don’t even mention to me about GPS; it was one of the reasons we got crazy as well.

So, when Ashton came along 10months ago (btw, I’m still BrF him, woohoo!), I tried again to BrF and let me tell you… it wasn’t without a lot of tears and self-doubt and frustration. those 4weeks after his birth was one of the biggest trials in my life! At first it was a matter of latching on correctly so that he gets the right amount of milk and I don’t get sore, then it was trying to gauge how often he wants to feed and for how long. And then there was also the ultimate Question of all: Do I have milk??

He was crying and frustrated and so was I. Because I was new with BrF, I don’t know when it is time for him to feed after the last one, but when I waited till he got hungry, he was so impatient that he’s forgotten how to latch on. And because he’s not getting milk, he’d cry and cry and I would fumble and get distressed. This cycle went on for what seems like an eternity! One of the random ways I did to help him latch on was to make some formula milk in a cup and spoon him the milk, which I converted to using a syringe later on. This at least helps to calm him down because he’s drinking something. I could take the easy way and just shove the bottle in his mouth, but I didn’t want to risk him getting nipple confused. The other thing was not to wait until he was hungry, so I timed his feedings 2 hourly.

I’d say the biggest inconvenience of BrF would be nursing in public. But now that I have the nursing poncho, I do it everywhere I go whenever the need arises. 🙂 I got mine from here.

nursing poncho with Ashton inside

Compared to BoF, I only had to be mindful to bring the poncho in my bag whenever I go out. Of course there are also the diapers and wet wipes, but at least they’re not as heavy and bulky.

I relate BrF to the 3 P’s.

Patience – because it takes a longer time to feed the baby as compared to BoF.

Perseverance – when it gets tough like the first few weeks after birth, it’s easy to give in to BoF.

Pain – now that Ashton’s got teeth, it’s OUCH!! but most times, it’s my arms. 🙂

So which do I prefer? Needless to say, it’s Breastfeeding!! I’ve witnessed myself the benefits of it. How now can I not advocate it? For those of you mothers-to-be or a new mother… let me just encourage you. BrF is the best for baby and for you!




i find a lot of benefits being able to speak more than one language. i’m not talking about the obvious reasons like being able to communicate with a wider range of people from different nations… etc, etc.

since Arielle is learning to understand more and more of the language Ayl & i speak everyday, sometimes she picks up on what we talk about esp on things about her when i ‘report’ to him what has happened during the day.

so having to speak in another language that we don’t use often like (BM/Cantonese/Mandarin) helps us to communicate efficiently with each other and still keeping her in the dark!


Silly Girl


i love how Arielle is learning language; esp when she applies words correctly in a context.

2 instances:

1. Silly Girl – just this late afternoon, she woke up and started crying and crying for no reason. that woke Ash up and i was just beside her on the bed. she wanted to pee, so i said she should go to her pot in the toilet. she wanted me to go with her, but i was lazy and it was warm and cozy in bed so i didn’t follow her. she didn’t stop her crying and went to the toilet on her own. in fact, she started to cry even more. so… i went to check on her.

i asked her nicely what was wrong and she couldn’t answer; so i reasoned with her that she’s just going to her potty to pee, nothing wrong with that. and then immediately she stopped crying and started giggling. (???) to that, i said ‘Silly Girl’.

then we were watching Disney’s sitcoms during teatime; one episode of ‘Jonas’ with a girl doing funny stuff and then all of a sudden, Arielle said ‘Silly Girl’! hmm… she catches on real quick huh.

2. Sad – Arielle’s been taking medicine for her cough and because she’s sick, i’ve stopped giving her snacks like pudding/sweets/cold juices but mainly chocolates. while watching tv one day (also Disney), i pointed out that one of the characters in the show is sad. she said with a sad face,’he’s sad because he cannot eat chocolate; cough cough cough.’

i thought it was so funny. but it’s good that she’s getting the meaning of the words correctly at such a tender age! 🙂

The trip alone


i actually managed to survive the journey to Penang with the 2 lil ones alone!! thank God!

Arielle was still down with diarrhoea and she was so weak she couldn’t walk so i had to take the stroller. Air Asia delayed our flight for half an hour and during the wait, we had to visit the loo a few times coz this lil girl of mine just had to. poor thing… but she was a good girl, no tears or meltdowns.

i had to ask the crew to help since i have a baby (2months old) strapped on me, a stroller with a 2year old and a big hand carry bag. it was also raining that night. they were very helpful seeing that i was in a difficult condition; they helped carry the stroller down the stairs and kept it in the cabin for me while Arielle walked the short distance to the plane (since she refused to be carried by a stranger). another crew came to carry her up into the plane when we reached the stairs. so, from the waiting area to the plane inside, i only had Ashton to take care of as the rest of the things that was with me was taken care of by the crew members. if you have young kids and you don’t know yet, you can actually use the stroller with you so that you don’t have to always carry baby around. it will later be passed to the crew when you reach the landing area before you board and will be kept inside where the luggages are, and when you reach, the crew will pass the stroller back to you so you can use it along the way back inside the airport. but the only setback is that with AA, there are staircases so you might need some help carrying the stroller if you’re alone.

inside the plane, Arielle was already tired coz it was already late so she slept soundly – such a good thing!! Ashton pulak woke up to ang-gu ang-gu and smile for a while … he charmed the lady beside me and she carried him for a while till he wanted to nurse. that was when the tragedy started. as he was nearly finished he suddenly burped and all the milk he took came gushing out of his mouth and both of us got all wet. i didn’t bring an extra change for him so i had to make do with a napkin cloth that i brought instead. what was worse was he had also made a big poo poo and it had stained his pants!!  the lady beside me was an angel as she helped me clean and change him, got her hands dirty and all and i felt quite embarrassed about it all. i was so grateful to her (a mother of 2 young adult children) and profusely thanked her. i suppose it must be due to the cabin pressure and the bumpy ride due to bad weather that he was feeling unwell. there was also a bout of crying and fussing.

when we reached penang, it was already over midnight. it was dark, most people are tired and everyone just wanted to go back home. we waited quite a while for our luggage, a whole lot of ppl crowded around the belt to get their stuff. i waited patiently far from the crowd, and then as more ppl left with theirs i finally got nearer and saw my big bag. i tried to lift the 29kg bag with 2 hands (baby on the sling) but a big lady beside me helped to take it off the belt. 🙂  i’ve help everywhere, not to mention stares as well.

all in all, the journey which i thought at first as impossible had become possible. thank God for strength and for kind ppl who have willingly offered their hand. because of that, i’, now happily in my hometown enjoying my one month stay here… the longest period of time here since i started work in kl in 2003.