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Update 29/Sept


Ash’s teething now at 11months; he gave us a REALLY REALLY hard time these past few days and nights. i checked and 2 teeth are coming out from the upper gum; must be so painful for him. we slept at 2am for 2 nights, but not before having to endure his loud crying and whining. it was really such a trying time for all of us; whatever we did was wrong – he just couldn’t stop crying. on Monday night, i didn’t know what else to do and i was tired, so i just let him lie on our bed and cry. there were no tears, just a lot of loud whining and tantrum throwing.

Thank God it was over yesterday (thanks to those who prayed), and today his fever was gone and his temperament was much much better. at the least, i didn’t have to carry him everywhere i went, which made it easier for work around the house.

Any of you know any effective home remedies other than teething gel to soothe the ‘gum-ache’? it got so bad that we ended up rubbing some DOM (brandy) on his gums, coz we heard that rum helps but we didn’t have any so… (shrugs) that was the next best thing. that was Sunday night, and on Monday night, I took a full shotglass of DOM, just to spike the milk (well, MY milk) but he was so caught up crying and whining that he didn’t take the bait. hahaha…


Ash at 6months


wow… really? as if it was yesterday that i was struggling to latch him on for feeding; all the frustration and self-doubt.


1. Rolling over from back to belly at 5months

2. Sitting up but without balance and falling down sideways

3. Moving front and back with the baby walker

4. Grabbing anything he sees in front of him, which includes my face during feeding time (annoying~)

5. Playing Peekaboo and Giggling

6. Teething; worst time for baby (and the parents too) EVER!! crying in the middle of the night, sometimes inconsolable! very frustrating and tiring.

7. Loves: watching tv, listening to papa/mommy playing the guitar, watching sister and when sister plays peekaboo with him, being talked to and esp loves it when papa comes back from work and gets to be carried

compared to Arielle, this boy’s really strong! it’s difficult to bathe him sometimes because when he tries to grab something he sees, it’s hard to keep a good grip of him as he’s slippery and … we don’t want him to drink or drown in bath water now would we?

other challenges include changing nappies. unlike Arielle, this boy just wouldn’t lie still. he’d turn his body here and there making it hard for me to put the nappy on fast coz … we don’t want peepee on either of us now would we?

i’m currently trying different foods (solids) with him, all pureed of course. i’ve tried banana and sweet potatoes but he seems to only like the baby rice cereal. hmm… it’s ok, there’s no rush. i think i’d really miss cuddling him and feeding him if he were to take to solids so soon.

(video insert here soon)

Nursing necessities


ok, so it’s 4 months plus already and i’m still nursing ashton. being back here in brats makes it more convenient for me as i don’t have to hide in the room anymore each time i need to feed him coz there’s no one else at home here with us unlike in kuching; where the whole house is filled with ‘boys’, the only girls are my MIL and i.

so what has been my companion in nursing ever since, things i can’t live without?

1. Nursing Poncho – helped me to nurse in private, though right now ash’s getting bigger and more curious and sometimes he’ll try to open the poncho up. i used it so often it became sort of a comfort zone for him.
ash recognizes new places and it becomes quite difficult for him to adjust since i move around a lot, so using the poncho helped to calm him down.

2. Ring Sling – now that i’ve 2, the sling has really helped to free my hands so that i can do a few things with/for arielle. i’ve not tried Bfeeding with it cos it really takes time and skill to do it. i managed to take the flight to penang alone thanks to the sling.
one great thing about the sling is it’s a super effective comforting tool. just put the baby in and they stop crying, but not for too long la cos your back might break.

with Arielle (2half years) and Ashton (4months)

3. Medela breast pump – i was advised to get an electric pump by most breastfeeding moms but i thought to myself since i’m a stay home mom, i won’t need to pump as often as those working. so i got myself a manual one from Medela, a bit costly but no regrets. i’ve tried Avent from a friend’s but it wasn’t so compatible, so i got Medela instead since i’ve heard so many good things about the brand. very easy to use and wash and very effective – so very happy with the purchase esp when i’m bloated 😛

4. Nursing initimates – after buying them online (not cheap with delivery costs as well), i went to penang and found them sold in Tesco!!!!! and at half the price!!!! what the heck!!!

so i’ve tried bottle-feeding and breast-feeding. leona asked me which one i prefer… i’d quote from a good guy-friend ‘breast is best’!! no heavy water bottles/thermos, no worries of where to get milk powder when it runs out, no worries if baby is drinking enough water… the best thing is, baby doesn’t get sick so easily and mommy gets a quick slim-down!

indeed, BREAST IS BEST!! 🙂

The trip alone


i actually managed to survive the journey to Penang with the 2 lil ones alone!! thank God!

Arielle was still down with diarrhoea and she was so weak she couldn’t walk so i had to take the stroller. Air Asia delayed our flight for half an hour and during the wait, we had to visit the loo a few times coz this lil girl of mine just had to. poor thing… but she was a good girl, no tears or meltdowns.

i had to ask the crew to help since i have a baby (2months old) strapped on me, a stroller with a 2year old and a big hand carry bag. it was also raining that night. they were very helpful seeing that i was in a difficult condition; they helped carry the stroller down the stairs and kept it in the cabin for me while Arielle walked the short distance to the plane (since she refused to be carried by a stranger). another crew came to carry her up into the plane when we reached the stairs. so, from the waiting area to the plane inside, i only had Ashton to take care of as the rest of the things that was with me was taken care of by the crew members. if you have young kids and you don’t know yet, you can actually use the stroller with you so that you don’t have to always carry baby around. it will later be passed to the crew when you reach the landing area before you board and will be kept inside where the luggages are, and when you reach, the crew will pass the stroller back to you so you can use it along the way back inside the airport. but the only setback is that with AA, there are staircases so you might need some help carrying the stroller if you’re alone.

inside the plane, Arielle was already tired coz it was already late so she slept soundly – such a good thing!! Ashton pulak woke up to ang-gu ang-gu and smile for a while … he charmed the lady beside me and she carried him for a while till he wanted to nurse. that was when the tragedy started. as he was nearly finished he suddenly burped and all the milk he took came gushing out of his mouth and both of us got all wet. i didn’t bring an extra change for him so i had to make do with a napkin cloth that i brought instead. what was worse was he had also made a big poo poo and it had stained his pants!!  the lady beside me was an angel as she helped me clean and change him, got her hands dirty and all and i felt quite embarrassed about it all. i was so grateful to her (a mother of 2 young adult children) and profusely thanked her. i suppose it must be due to the cabin pressure and the bumpy ride due to bad weather that he was feeling unwell. there was also a bout of crying and fussing.

when we reached penang, it was already over midnight. it was dark, most people are tired and everyone just wanted to go back home. we waited quite a while for our luggage, a whole lot of ppl crowded around the belt to get their stuff. i waited patiently far from the crowd, and then as more ppl left with theirs i finally got nearer and saw my big bag. i tried to lift the 29kg bag with 2 hands (baby on the sling) but a big lady beside me helped to take it off the belt. 🙂  i’ve help everywhere, not to mention stares as well.

all in all, the journey which i thought at first as impossible had become possible. thank God for strength and for kind ppl who have willingly offered their hand. because of that, i’, now happily in my hometown enjoying my one month stay here… the longest period of time here since i started work in kl in 2003.

Break in Penang


it’s snowing in WP!!

ah yes, finally i have the time to update (only coz FB photo upload’s taking a long long time). God really knows the desire of my heart… i’m going back to Penang later this month, for a month (anyone going up?). would be a good break for the grandparents here from the 3 of us! 🙂 time for the grandparents over there in Pg to take over and have some good run after the 2yo.

purpose of the trip is to hang out with my oh-so-missed family, attend weddings of ppl closest to my heart (yay!! i can make it after all) and EAT EAT EAT!!!

the only problem is … i’ll be travelling alone with 2 small children from KCH – PEN. i’m praying that all will go well esp with Arielle that she doesn’t run around; as long as she stays close. furthermore, the flight from KCH will reach PG at 11pm; really late for Arielle who sleeps at MAX 9pm.

k then, do call me if anyone wants to meet up, though i’m not sure if i can go out conveniently, but you can always come visit me at home! 🙂

Grace Flows Down


His Grace is sufficient for me.

it’s going to be 2weeks now since Ashton’s born and he’s nothing like his older sister! Arielle was an easy baby… an angel, she hardly ever cried even when she’s hungry. Ashton however cries very very VERY loudly when he’s hungry, especially when he’s hungry and not getting his milk. this time i’ve chosen to breastfeed baby fully and so far it’s proven to be quite a challenge for me.

some days are good when he’s latching on properly, other nights are horrible when he cries and cries and forgets how to latch and that made me panic and frustrated as well. with sleepless nights and body aches, he’s being a big bully when he doesn’t stop crying (to put it nicely). every time i feel like losing it, i look up to God and ask for H.E.L.P.!!! short simple prayers get answered all the time, and i’m so grateful i’m still able to sit and find time to blog about this, otherwise i think i would have already gone crazy pengsan (fainted)!!

this is an old song; heard it in one of Passion’s live concert album that’s in my pc and it captured me immediately. it’s simple yet comforting. i found the vid from YouTube and cried after watching it. So great is God’s love for us. Thank You God for Your faithfulness and Your grace.