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I was looking up Wikipedia for the origin of chili sauce; no clue there.

I remember having chili sauce as accompaniment to the dishes that my mum cooks up, from stir-fried veg to kolo mee (sometimes, when the noodles really beh chiak). But too much of it is also boring la, especially during those younger days when you think that there’s only one type of tomato sauce and chili sauce and both is sweet.

I discovered Maggi had introduced the chili sauce with garlic version (don’t ask me when, can’t remember), and that piqued my interest mightily. It was different, in a good way, and I loved it with fried chicken, especially.

But nothing prepared me for what I was going to experience next, the Kampung Koh Sos Cili Bawang Putih. This thing is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY 3 thumbs up.

I was about to come to Slovakia for my expatriation, so prior to that, was busy stocking up groceries from Tesco Kajang; kiasi that the stuffs in Slovakia may not be good enough for our Asian tastebuds. So there I was happily stocking up the trolley, when I stumbled upon the sauce… well, no light or voice spoke to me; I just randomly took 2 bottles and promptly went to the cashier to pay up.

The groceries arrived about 2 weeks after we reached Slovakia; Li-Ann was so happy that her soy sauce finally arrived. So there she was preparing dinner with authentic Malaysian ingredients, and I was taking out the chili sauce to try….. One taste is enough to convince me that this thing is SUPER. PERIOD.

I don’t know what kind of chili, garlic, sugar, salt, pimped up (modified) starch, citric acid, MSG, edible glue and food conditioner that they use, but the final product is awesome. The right amount of heat, the fragrance is irresistable. I could swear they probably used some belacan but forgot to add it into the list of ingredients. In fact, I near finished half a bottle in one sitting.




But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. RM2.20 only ma… some more now economic recession, maybe got discount some more… 🙂