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Of Pizza and Coke


Bratislava have this pizza outlet that I really liked; it’s called Pizza Mizza. Their 50cm pizza is out-of-this-world, and you can read all about that in my wife’s blog. Their pizza is so good, it makes Domino’s Pizza looks like some apprentice’s first time. But for all the good stuffs that they dish out, I went ahead and ordered the Siciliana without knowing what it contained (of course la, menu all in Slovak ma). So when it came, I was absolutely horrified, because it was a 33cm pizza, topped with cheese, tomato… and salted fish! This entry is just to remind myself not to order this pizza in the future, cos for me, it’s really beh chiak!

And speaking of coke, I really think that this drink has not hit Asia yet, so if you’re in Europe, you MUST give it a try, because it is THAT GOOD. ABSOLUTELY. UNBELIEVABLY. GOOD. It’s called Coca Cola Blak, and concoction has truly hit a spot in me. Somehow, this soft drink giant managed to come up with the perfect balance of coke and coffee; just the right amount of sweetness and the delicious aroma of coffee in it. The taste of coke is obvious, the aroma of the coffee just strong enough to tease and tempt you. So far, I’ve not seen it being mass produced into the 1.5l or the 2.0l bottles yet, so I think they are keeping it exclusive (it’s also quite pricey; 200ml for 2euro plus).

Seriously good stuff

Seriously good stuff