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Why got ‘Lobang’?


there’s a hooooooooooooole in my bread!!! its no wonder i don’t get full eating and eating this. there are 8 buns in this packet, and all of them has a big hole like this in it. so not worth my RM2.50. next time i’ll just get a cup of kaya (coconut jam) and a loaf of Gardenia bread instead.





ok, here is our itinerary.

flight from Vienna: 17/July
transit in Bangkok and arrival in PENANG!!: 18/July
– we’ll be in land of the good food till 25/July; then flying to KL at night.

in KL: 26/July, 27/July (morning only), 31/July & 1/Aug (till noon only)

in HK: 27/July (night), 28/July, 29/July, 30/July

– flying to KUCHING 1/Aug; and will be in KUCHING till 7/Aug.
– flying back to Slovakia 8/Aug

detail itinerary in KL:
– family photo shoot in the morning with Jesse&Eric
– Sunday church service
– lunch with Dave & Peich
– dinner with gang

– breakfast with Ps Chan & family
– official errands like passport & banking stuff
– noon leaving for airport to HK

– lunch with SSCSM
– dinner with ex-IPO

– Free time in the morning (hope to see Goon’s new baby girl)

as you can see… fully packed!




introduced to us from an Indonesian friend from church, this humble restaurant is the ONLY MALAYSIAN food (yes, THE ONLY) found in this region (Slovakia/Austria). the place is Millenia/Millenium City, Vienna (1hour’s drive away from Brats) and is among one of the Asian outlets available at the food court of this mall. 

the food is acceptable for Malaysian standards, especially so if you’re ‘near to death’ from your ceaseless cravings and you just got-to-got-to-got-to-GOT-TO-GOT-TO have it!! the owners (chef & asst) are a husband and wife team from KL and they speak Cantonese. they were really friendly with us and with Arielle around, we shared some common ground as they have a 3 year old son. they conversed mostly in Cantonese (much to my discomfort) but even so, it’s always nice to meet people from our home country. nothing beats Malaysian hospitality (MH – hahhaahaha) as they offered bio-juice and chocolate pudding to Arielle. 

too bad it’s only 1 shop, we confirmed this fact when we were at the Malaysian Embassy getting our driving licenses done (coz Slovakia doesn’t accept International Driving license anymore…*pppphhhh*). but on the other hand, at least something than nothing right. 

anyone interested in opening a M’sian restaurant here in Brats? 🙂 Slovaks are quite open-minded with trying new kinds of food. a bak kut teh shop alone will probably thrive here as well – Japs love them and so far, my place is the only fix they can get; wonder how much i’ll get if i charge per bowl. hmm….

note: it’s called ‘cuisine’, don’t play-play ah

One man’s Meat is another man’s Deco


we eat carp fish for Christmas!

my eyes bulged and my mind went directly to the fountain pond at my uncle’s house in Penang … full of carp fish! what the … ?

and it’s true; it’s a traditional dish for Slovaks – but maybe just not exactly the one that i had pictured in my head. koi_carpwe went over to Annette’s place during Christmas and she served us carp – the meat is tender and it tasted just like any other fish; Aylwin enjoyed it and he had more than 1 helping. me? guess i couldn’t take my mind away from the pond to fully enjoy it. ahahaha…