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Silly Girl


i love how Arielle is learning language; esp when she applies words correctly in a context.

2 instances:

1. Silly Girl – just this late afternoon, she woke up and started crying and crying for no reason. that woke Ash up and i was just beside her on the bed. she wanted to pee, so i said she should go to her pot in the toilet. she wanted me to go with her, but i was lazy and it was warm and cozy in bed so i didn’t follow her. she didn’t stop her crying and went to the toilet on her own. in fact, she started to cry even more. so… i went to check on her.

i asked her nicely what was wrong and she couldn’t answer; so i reasoned with her that she’s just going to her potty to pee, nothing wrong with that. and then immediately she stopped crying and started giggling. (???) to that, i said ‘Silly Girl’.

then we were watching Disney’s sitcoms during teatime; one episode of ‘Jonas’ with a girl doing funny stuff and then all of a sudden, Arielle said ‘Silly Girl’! hmm… she catches on real quick huh.

2. Sad – Arielle’s been taking medicine for her cough and because she’s sick, i’ve stopped giving her snacks like pudding/sweets/cold juices but mainly chocolates. while watching tv one day (also Disney), i pointed out that one of the characters in the show is sad. she said with a sad face,’he’s sad because he cannot eat chocolate; cough cough cough.’

i thought it was so funny. but it’s good that she’s getting the meaning of the words correctly at such a tender age! 🙂

aiyoyo… engrand speaking ah…


Dr Anus Bowel, Proctologist

engrish funny bowel surgery

i better not bet on it if i were you
engrish funny bet cancer

yes, i agree
engrish funny discharge refreshing

no wonder it stinks
engrish funny pork wind

must be some funny looking drink
engrish funny drinking drink

western style? what is malaysian style? oh and no gays allowed!
engrish funny female only

bad breath not permitted!

i think that’s beyond my mortal powers
engrish funny please reincarnate

and last but not least…

engrish funny hand grenade

What’s in a Word?


i’ve always prided myself (ya ya, self-praise is no praise) for being able to pickup a language fairly quickly. i picked up mandarin from friends in ukm, also because i was forced to in order to communicate with my roommate; a bit of cantonese from tvb dramas (please don’t force me to speak, i sound horrible in it though understanding it is ok); german from a class in uni, japanese (which i’ve forgotten all the hiragana writings now) when i was with Sony; and hokkien being my mother-tongue … with english and bm learnt from schooling years. 

SO, when we first got here to Slovakia, i was a bit cocky and thought that i could also just pickup slovak. i thought what’s the fuss, it’s just another languague, and since it’s so near Germany, it might sound like german and prolly have some of the same grammar. one of ayl’s colleague’s wife took 2 years now to acquire slovak, and she’s still learning. i gave myself half a year… boy, was i arrogant! now i’ll need to swallow not only my pride but also my own tongue. bleh~

first off, slovak sounds nothing like german though both languages have gender-grammar (masculine/feminine/neutral). this requires a lot of memorizing – one will need to know what object is ‘female’ or ‘male’ or … ‘sexless’? 😀

not only am i faced with a hard time pronunciating words, i’ve to also know which form of gender to use for each noun, and with slovak, the grammar changes depending on things which are alive and things which are dead as well. hhhuuuhhnnhh???? ok, i’m not gonna give myself a hard time explaining why slovak is super difficult – it just is. and here’s a bit of proof to what i’m talking about. 


sample of a conversation, someone looking for the main station

sample of a conversation; someone looking for the main station. the small symbols on top of the alphabets alters the pronunciation of the word.


another example of grammar

another example of grammar

it’s so confusing some slovaks can’t even explain why the grammar is as it is, one will just have to accept it as it is and commit it into memory. like why in English we use; ‘he-his-him’ and ‘she-her-her’ and NOT ‘she-shis-shim’

so, if according to the above Singular/Plural rule, is it safe for me to use the below then? 

Cristiano Ronaldo – Cristiana Ronalda??

to order things in restaurants/cafe, i’m still thinking of how to use the number 1. it takes the form of ‘jeden, jedno, jedna, jednu’… all of which has the same meaning but changes due to the noun. oh man…. so most of the time just point and use fingers to show count. 

we also noticed the change of names used in formal contexts. ‘ova’ is added to one’s last name – example; my doc’s name is Gavornikova; when her husband’s is just Gavornik. this is to show that the person is a lady. so then, if i were to use my name in a formal slovak context, it’s gonna be – LEONGOVA!! 

(hmmm…. what others? Angova (i choked lol on this!), Wangova, Luova, Tanova, Tehova, Leeova, Bongova, Gohova… wahakahahahak… please feel free to add any other surname/lastname you think is appropriate)

Co to je?


i am so proud of myself!

on tuesday, Arielle and I went the nearby grocery store to get some veg for the week. because it’s a self-serving store, i had to weigh & print the price tag on the stuff that i’m getting. the thing is, i’ve memorized some of the things i’m used to buying like garlic or capsicum, and for some, the codes are clear for what items i’m getting. but i was getting some carrots, and i didn’t know which were the codes coz i don’t read Slovak!, so i was kinda stuck in a position there.

arielle was getting annoyed having forced to sit for so long on her pram, so i had to act quick before she starts; so i had no choice. i turned to the lady nearest to me (who didn’t look friendly) and asked her;

Prepacte. Co to je? (excuse me. what is this?)

and then suddenly she smiled warmly and tried her best to help. i was so glad that she turned out to be a nice lady, was really quite intimidated and nervous speaking Slovak for the first time.

Mrkva, she said.

And just to confirm the code, i said the numbers in Slovak and she said yes. YES!! i can converse in Slovak and with numbers too!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… what an accomplishment. *pats meself on me back*

eh, don’t laugh la, i know you think i’d have learnt something so easy earlier but guess i was just too caught up being nervous and intimidated with the people to use it – plus Slovak’s not easy ok. but this is a good starting point for me to use the language more.