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I’m sitting here teaching Arielle Mathematics, and waiting for her to respond to me … simple maths like how much is left after $$ amount is spent – basically, it’s addition/subtraction. Since she’s taking a long long time to think, I thought I’d cool down a bit by writing down my thoughts and ask myself some questions:

  1. Why am I getting so agitated/frustrated?
  2. Why am I raising my voice?
  3. What does she learn in school when she can’t do a simple Q like RM1 – 0.45sen??
  4. Is it because I have not followed up with her close enough?
  5. Why do I feel like I’m gonna bleed through my ears, mouth and nose??
  6. Is this normal when teaching one’s own child?
  7. Should I be praying for more patience?
  8. Could it be due to the fact that I’m also trying to swat that one-single-super-annoying mosquito that’s been trying to feed on me with the batt-operated racquet under the table?

And guess what? I also happen to see this just this morning… what does it even mean?? no homework?


*hands up* Can we please shift to Finland, please? Lesser mosquitoes there too.





introduced to us from an Indonesian friend from church, this humble restaurant is the ONLY MALAYSIAN food (yes, THE ONLY) found in this region (Slovakia/Austria). the place is Millenia/Millenium City, Vienna (1hour’s drive away from Brats) and is among one of the Asian outlets available at the food court of this mall. 

the food is acceptable for Malaysian standards, especially so if you’re ‘near to death’ from your ceaseless cravings and you just got-to-got-to-got-to-GOT-TO-GOT-TO have it!! the owners (chef & asst) are a husband and wife team from KL and they speak Cantonese. they were really friendly with us and with Arielle around, we shared some common ground as they have a 3 year old son. they conversed mostly in Cantonese (much to my discomfort) but even so, it’s always nice to meet people from our home country. nothing beats Malaysian hospitality (MH – hahhaahaha) as they offered bio-juice and chocolate pudding to Arielle. 

too bad it’s only 1 shop, we confirmed this fact when we were at the Malaysian Embassy getting our driving licenses done (coz Slovakia doesn’t accept International Driving license anymore…*pppphhhh*). but on the other hand, at least something than nothing right. 

anyone interested in opening a M’sian restaurant here in Brats? 🙂 Slovaks are quite open-minded with trying new kinds of food. a bak kut teh shop alone will probably thrive here as well – Japs love them and so far, my place is the only fix they can get; wonder how much i’ll get if i charge per bowl. hmm….

note: it’s called ‘cuisine’, don’t play-play ah

In Need of More Solids


… am listening to audio sermons from KAOG archive. the longest sermons here at church last for 20mins max, and we don’t have to refer to our Bibles. the message is mostly on the surface – well, maybe just for me; but the minister is an interesting and funny guy. i always enjoy listening to him, would be great if he could dwell a little bit deeper and longer on his topics though.

anyways, guess i can get some solids from the link here to ‘keep the fire burning’. plus, it’s good to hear some good ol Malaysian humour we miss so much.

Talking to Strangers


long time ago when we were still students studying english in schools, i remember some of the conversations considered proper to use with strangers would be on the weather. back then i’ve always been confused why people would start a conversation about the weather. i mean… what is there to say?

let’s take for example; you’re sitting in a bus stop and waiting for your bus to come and then you see this person sitting next to you and you thought hey, why not say something. oh, ok, let’s talk about the weather:


very hot-ah today.

ya man, super hot la! some more no wind.


er… how awkward is that. what else is there to talk about the Malaysian weather?? LOLz! it’s either rainy, hot, hotter or super hot!! (no, the word ‘warm’ does not suffice)

oh but if a person were to be here (yes, Europe or UK), then talking about the weather makes more sense, coz almost everyday the weather changes. yesterday was a sunny nice day; today is cloudy and supposedly rainy. last week it snowed!!

another thing: do you check the weather forecast everyday in Malaysia? oh, more like, is it even accurate? the only people whom i know who checks weather forecasts everyday are pilots.

even if it’s raining here in Slovakia, it doesn’t pour like back home. the raindrops are light, and you don’t need a big umbrella for shelter coz you don’t get drenched from head to toe. this also explains why they don’t have umbrellas like ours (big sturdy golf umbrellas).

ok, i’m digressing. the point was about the ‘topic of conversation’ we were taught to use when talking to strangers. then again, with so many crazy people around now, we might think twice now to start talking to strangers.

Deserted on Christmas


it’s such a culture shock for us – to see everything closed and streets and highways totally deserted!! it was nearly like a ghost town! 

yesterday after the Christmas Eve service at church, Aylwin decided we should eat out – but thankfully the day before we stocked up on groceries coz, in the end after driving around, there was no place to go as EVERYTHING was closed. everyone was at home with their family having their ‘reunion’ dinner like us chinese during CNY’s eve. 

we really didn’t expect it to be like this coz we assumed that things would be more ‘happenin’ here since Christmas is such a big thing here. we thought there’d be street parties, fireworks and stuff like that, but… guess we were wrong. the celebrations in Malaysia is such a big contrast now to how Slovaks celebrate Christmas. it’s without a doubt a much much more quiet event here than back home and nothing like what we expected. it’s sort of a bit like an anti-climax for us… the talk and atmosphere were all built up for Christmas, and then when the time comes for the big bang – all of a sudden there’s … nothing; silence – no parties, no fireworks, no loud cheers/laughter in the streets, not even carol singers! 

confused a bit now; i honestly don’t know which i’d prefer – i was afraid that there might be loud fireworks at midnight that might rouse Arielle from her slumber; but what’s happening now was the furthest thing on my mind. i suppose in a way, it’s good not to have any distractions. that way we can really focus on the reason for Christmas in the first place – our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth, His life, His sacrifice on the Cross, His Gift of Eternal Life; and how these have impacted and changed the lives of those who have come to believe in Him.