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Electric Mosquito Repellants


was checking online to see what harm it does from these devices, and i stumbled upon this site that says:

The Secretary-General of the International Association for food packaging Dong, incense, kill mosquito spray, allethrin, prallethrin which types of commonly used repellent products, from its tianranxing and the degree of influence on the human body, should turn to prallethrin and allethrin impact was relatively small, incense, kill mosquito spray most times.

Because of the killing mosquito spray insecticide ingredients harmful, exhaled after a stroll in the air, in contact with human skin or oral cavity, respiratory and human intake, so try to spray after a while and then into the room; and burning incense by the mosquito volatility components to smoke, the frequency of the nervous system, its concentration is high and sustained release and combustion will produce other substances, it cannot be too close to humans, should not have been discharging during sleep; allethrin or prallethrin’s active ingredient is “deltamethrin”, direct heating, light rays, toxicity and concentration are relatively small, the main role in the mosquito’s oral system.

For the average family, some plant insect repellent method also worth trying, as horseradish, Mugwort, a drop at the gate, or placed in sachet or cloth after the package is placed in the room, is a very good natural mosquito repellent.

(Edit: Justin Lin, internships)

what the heck!? what does it even mean? LOL!

this fails ‘majorly’ ahhahaha…. 🙂


Myth Busting


ever since we got to Kuching i’ve been trying to find ways of eliminating mozzies – Arielle’s been bitten crazy by them. she’s got bite marks all over her pretty legs, making me think twice before letting her wear skirts/dresses.

anyway, there was a ‘natural’ alternative that was being passed around in the email. it says to put a certain brand of liquid detergent specifically in lemon fragrance on a white porcelain plate and mozzies will be attracted to it and then die later. i’m not sure how many ppl have actually tried it and claimed to be effective coz i tried it but nothing happened; not even one single mozzy flock near it, maybe the mozzies here prefer mango instead? 😛

but what really really worked was this bottle of citronella oil* i was given by my aunt when i was in Penang. just put a bit of the oil on a piece of gauze/facial cotton and place it on a table in the room. the room will be filled with the smell of the oil which is pleasant to the nose and miraculously, no mozzy-bites at all!! AMAZING!!

this method works better in an AC room coz the smell is stronger.

now this is what’s natural, cheap, and effective!

*Double Swords brand, bought from Tan Pharmacy for only RM5.50, 56ml