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Some Ol Treasure


just last saturday my aunt called me up to ask about some of my stuff back home in Penang, if i still want them as they were clearing up the room where my dad has most of his stuff in. don’t know about you, but there are a few things i have kept with me since i was very young and over the years the things i deem worthy of safe keeping … some of those were my first hardcover story book i got as a gift, soft toys from special people … etc, including some handmade letters from previous significant others 😛

because we’ve shifted a few times, some of these precious things have been thrown out like my very personal diary, my highschool projects (i’ve kept them for quite some time) to give more room for more important stuff. anyways, i didn’t really own a room anymore from our last shift to our current house in Penang, which was in 2001. that was because i was already here in UKM/Bangi/Kajang/KL most of the time for my degree… so, what was left of my stuff since 2001 was just in 1 box. SAD… but now as of today, there is no more box left as it has to be cleared away. it’s good in a way that i’m not there to see what is in the box, i might just decide to keep everything again… hahhaa…

so today i was just putting some stuff into my lil ol kancil’s boot (been a long while since i went there), and i came across this ‘Drakkar Noir’ metal box, couldn’t remember what was in there and when i opened it, there were cassette tapes in there!! oh.my.gosh!! and there was Richard Marx, and Rick Price, and Jars of Clay, and Steven Curtis Chapman and etc… all in the box!! and that box brought me all the way back to 1999! oh sweet memories!!

the treasure box

guess which one i chose to listen to first? of course it’s Rick Price, don’t even have to think. *sheepish* and as i drove the short way to pick up Arielle from school, i can’t begin to describe the nostalgic feeling i was having; was somewhat high 🙂 or perhaps it’s just mr blue-eyes’ voice ****melts****

mr blue eyes in cassette form 😛

Grace Flows Down


His Grace is sufficient for me.

it’s going to be 2weeks now since Ashton’s born and he’s nothing like his older sister! Arielle was an easy baby… an angel, she hardly ever cried even when she’s hungry. Ashton however cries very very VERY loudly when he’s hungry, especially when he’s hungry and not getting his milk. this time i’ve chosen to breastfeed baby fully and so far it’s proven to be quite a challenge for me.

some days are good when he’s latching on properly, other nights are horrible when he cries and cries and forgets how to latch and that made me panic and frustrated as well. with sleepless nights and body aches, he’s being a big bully when he doesn’t stop crying (to put it nicely). every time i feel like losing it, i look up to God and ask for H.E.L.P.!!! short simple prayers get answered all the time, and i’m so grateful i’m still able to sit and find time to blog about this, otherwise i think i would have already gone crazy pengsan (fainted)!!

this is an old song; heard it in one of Passion’s live concert album that’s in my pc and it captured me immediately. it’s simple yet comforting. i found the vid from YouTube and cried after watching it. So great is God’s love for us. Thank You God for Your faithfulness and Your grace.



don’t know about you, but sometimes when i hear a song over the radio, i’m transported back to a particular time and place where i connected with the song. memories come flooding into my mind and i remember exactly where, how old i was, my surroundings, with who i was with, what i was doing, etc as i sing along with the song, remembering the lyrics fully with all the expressions from the singer(s).

it’s crazy… i don’t know how i’m able to do this, must be my superpower! (watching too much Heroes). my dad used to say if only i can remember my history books as well as i remember lyrics!

so just about 10mins ago, the radio played Wilson Phillip’s ‘Impulsive’; and all the memories of singing some of the band’s fav songs with Mel came back to me. i recall vividly our Std 5M classroom upstairs, a bit dark and cool with wooden plank flooring, battered wooden tables and chairs – lazy days as sometimes the teacher was absent and we’d start singing together. this was one of our fav songs – Mel’d be Carnie and i’d be Chynna (yea, we need another person to be Wendy but no one had a voice as good as us, right Mel?) LOL!!



i thought this song is superb. ‘The God I Know’ – City Harvest Church; like it a lot! 

honestly, i really really miss the worship we have back in KAOG. there were live music, and we could clap or dance or lift our hands whenever we wish – a far cry from where i used to attend church in Penang (Burmah Road Gospel Hall). i wonder how or when i’ve become so ‘charismati-zed’. 

attending church here brings me back to the days at church in Penang; it reminds me of how i could worship without loud music, without the ‘essential’ instruments, without having to clap even. because worship also comes in a form of reverance – i don’t always need to lift my hands to show how much i want to praise God, it’s the heart that matters most. the thing is, i got so used to having those ‘environment’ for worship in KAOG that i’ve become somewhat lost in service here in a Lutheran church. 

then i start asking myself:

why has music become such an important part of worship for me? am i able to worship just the same without it? if not, why? 

‘Heart of Worship’ by Matt Redman speaks volumes about this. i really need to re-consider and check myself.