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List of things to get for School


When Arielle first started school, we bought her the nicest pencilbox she wanted, you know the ones that has a lot of buttons to press and some small compartments will open; it has a compass and a detachable pencil sharpener – cool stuff like that, which comes with the latest cartoon (no, not Frozen) and then we got nice 2B pencils, quality erasers and a nice fancy ruler. For her bag, we got her one with wheels at the back so she didn’t have to lug her heavy bag on her small shoulders. Her grandma bought her a Tupperware bottle. First child and first grandchild going off to school… everyone was excited and excited for her.

Just one week in, she’s lost all her pencils. Another week in, her eraser is gone and is replaced with one of her friend’s; her ruler as well. Meanwhile, her pencilbox is slowly missing its detachable pieces. Sighsss…. this isn’t the end tho. After we replenished her pencilbox with new stationaries, they lasted for nearly 2 weeks max.

When Ashton started school, he didn’t have as much fancy stuff as did Arielle; we just decided to be wiser 🙂 But, we still got him some quite expensive stationaries to use in school. We rationalized, since he has most of the time took better care of his own things and is better at keeping them in proper, that he would also bring this positive attitude with him to school… naturally.

How wrong we were… (#facepalm)
He turned out to be worse.


his school shirt which he ‘accidentally spilled’ an opened marker pen on.



his school track pants which ‘his friend used a scissor on’.

Should I also mention, he managed to use a whole bottle of glue in one day at school (must’ve had a massive collage session during art lesson), break his plastic ruler AND PENCILS! into small pieces just coz he can, tear pages from his school exercise books to make his very own ‘origami’ and lose bottles after bottles of water bottles he brings to school everyday. He also broke 2 of those schoolbag with wheels and is now with his 3rd schoolbag, which is a backpack (coz no more wheels for you!) and the school year isn’t even done yet. (inhales……… exhales) 

So, what have we learned?
Here’s my list of ‘smarter’ stuff to get for School.

  1. School Bags – we bought Arielle an ‘Astrokid‘ bag, one with wheels and is ergonomic for her back which lasted for nearly 3 years. I would recommend this bag, even though it is quite steep in price (retails for at least RM250) but if it means not having to keep buying new bags within a year itself, why not? Not so sure if Ashton was the one using it though…hmmm.
  2. Pencilboxes – we don’t buy them anymore… hahahaa…. we just use those free/gifted ones in whatever shape or colour they come in. Our friends were nice to provide them as gifts knowing that they’re attending school now.
  3. Stationaries – Mr DIY is our best friend. We buy erasers, pencils, rulers, sharpeners, glue etc in bulk and slowly, very slowly ration them to the kids when theirs’ run out. Sometimes I refuse though, esp when I just gave them a new one… the day before! Why is it so hard for them to be responsible for their own stuff?
  4. Water bottles – originally we bought those BPA free ones, and they had Tupperware/Rubbermaid/Bro’s as well. After many lost ones, we just went to get some from Mydin and kept a few in storage just in case. Or they use whatever that we have; bottles gifted from company/banks. Sorry, too bad!
  5. School attire – it is always wise to buy more than what they will wear, and keep for ‘just-in-cases’, especially their school shoes. We were fortunate to have extra ones for Ashton’s ‘accidents’.
  6. Hair accessories – if you have daughters, going to public school would require black, white or blue hair ties/clips/hairbands etc. and the stocks for these has to be infinite…. yes, infinity and beyond.

So…. (glass raised) here’s hoping we as parents become smarter together, and avoid having to waste precious time and resources, including raising more responsible kids. Cheers!



Update 29/Sept


Ash’s teething now at 11months; he gave us a REALLY REALLY hard time these past few days and nights. i checked and 2 teeth are coming out from the upper gum; must be so painful for him. we slept at 2am for 2 nights, but not before having to endure his loud crying and whining. it was really such a trying time for all of us; whatever we did was wrong – he just couldn’t stop crying. on Monday night, i didn’t know what else to do and i was tired, so i just let him lie on our bed and cry. there were no tears, just a lot of loud whining and tantrum throwing.

Thank God it was over yesterday (thanks to those who prayed), and today his fever was gone and his temperament was much much better. at the least, i didn’t have to carry him everywhere i went, which made it easier for work around the house.

Any of you know any effective home remedies other than teething gel to soothe the ‘gum-ache’? it got so bad that we ended up rubbing some DOM (brandy) on his gums, coz we heard that rum helps but we didn’t have any so… (shrugs) that was the next best thing. that was Sunday night, and on Monday night, I took a full shotglass of DOM, just to spike the milk (well, MY milk) but he was so caught up crying and whining that he didn’t take the bait. hahaha…



holding a pretend microphone, i interviewed Arielle.

‘What is your name?’

– My name is Arielle (she previously said ‘Arielle is Girl’ when asked in front of everyone in Children Church, hhahaa… don’t ask me why)

‘How old are you?’

– 3 years already.

‘What do you like?’

– Arielle likes Pumpkin!

Super cute when she’s being so nice and when Ash’s asleep.

there’s a meaning behind the ‘pumpkin’ she’s talking about. it has to do with www.starfall.com. this site was introduced to me by Annette when we were still in Bratislava.

it’s a children’s site for learning English, for ages 2 and above (i’m judging from my own daughter’s competency here) in a very fun and interactive way. there are games and activities to assist learning shapes, colours, the alphabets and phonics, which ultimately leads to reading.

what i like about it is it’s interactive, it has songs to attract my preschool daughter, it focuses on the phonics of every alphabet (even on every click!) and the lesson plans are very interesting. it teaches us the correct pronunciation of every word we use in English (no Manglish here la ya). what’s more? IT’S FREE!!!! it’s a free tool i get to use everyday to homeschool my preschooler. my daughter loves it so much she bugs me everyday for it! (her fav is the Pumpkin) 🙂

so, if you’re looking for a tool to teach your kids English – here’s a very good one; just get online!

what is SAHM?


SAHM – Stay At Home Mom

so i’m back and not working but staying home with the kids. people start asking me what i do at home with them… a simple question i cannot find an answer to. it’s been slightly more than a month already, what have i been doing with them at home?

how do i define the exact job description of a Stay Home Mom??

i ‘officially’ get up from the bed at 8am or 8.30am; ‘officially’ because i was never even fully knocked-out asleep anyway since my no.2 was born (he’s 9months now) but still rouses once or twice in the night. my guess is he’s just checking on us, i don’t know. in addition to that, since my no.1 still shares our room but on her own bed, she gets up sometime at night to use her potty. i know i don’t have to supervise her anymore, but i’m just up just in case.

and then there are the miserable nights when no.1 gets bitten by mozzies and couldn’t stop-whining-and-go-to-bed where i get only 45% of sleep at night because if she doesn’t stop, no.2 will get up as well and THEN, there will be no sleep at all for everyone! that’s life living in the tropical country!

i also get up most nights to switch off the air-con and then open the window for ventilation; to which the Muslim morning prayers will wake me near 6am because we stay so near the mosque. by 7am, Ayl’s alarm would set off but i’d make sure he gets up on time for his bath and work.

babysitting ain’t easy when i also have housework to do. there are laundry and diapers to be washed, dried, folded and kept; there’s the floor to be kept clean for no.2 to crawl on; there is mealtime which means i’ll need to find the time to prepare food before they get hungry and cranky; there is bathtime and naptime and playtime – all these with a lot of attention and focus needed. since no.2 is only 9months, he needs more naptime and often when he’s tired and i’m too busy, he’d get really cranky – and then i’ll go crazy. 🙂 it’s difficult to juggle a curious and active 2+y.o. child with a baby especially when it comes to naptimes; when one wants to sleep and the other one doesn’t. but i thank God that my lil one is a good girl, she’d keep really quiet when i tell her to so that her younger brother gets to sleep. because then, mommy gets to play with her!

EVERYDAY IS UNPREDICTABLE! when things go smooth (no one goes cranky and everyone is ‘tame’), it’s good. but when things go bad, it can get really bad – like losing my sanity!! so what’s the trick to keeping the peace?

1. ensure all their needs are met and satisfied before doing other insignificant things ie laundry, or if you can hold it from going to the toilet or… checking your FB!

2. if you need to prepare food but can’t find the time to – wake up before the kids do or prepare them the day before or whenever you have free time.

3. forget about ME-time; until they’re asleep or when your spouse is back home to take over… for a while. this include your bath/toilet time 😛 well, you know what they say, Love is Sacrifice!

so, this is my day everyday. when i get some ME-time, i try baking (very new at this) and i update my blog!

Ash at 6months


wow… really? as if it was yesterday that i was struggling to latch him on for feeding; all the frustration and self-doubt.


1. Rolling over from back to belly at 5months

2. Sitting up but without balance and falling down sideways

3. Moving front and back with the baby walker

4. Grabbing anything he sees in front of him, which includes my face during feeding time (annoying~)

5. Playing Peekaboo and Giggling

6. Teething; worst time for baby (and the parents too) EVER!! crying in the middle of the night, sometimes inconsolable! very frustrating and tiring.

7. Loves: watching tv, listening to papa/mommy playing the guitar, watching sister and when sister plays peekaboo with him, being talked to and esp loves it when papa comes back from work and gets to be carried

compared to Arielle, this boy’s really strong! it’s difficult to bathe him sometimes because when he tries to grab something he sees, it’s hard to keep a good grip of him as he’s slippery and … we don’t want him to drink or drown in bath water now would we?

other challenges include changing nappies. unlike Arielle, this boy just wouldn’t lie still. he’d turn his body here and there making it hard for me to put the nappy on fast coz … we don’t want peepee on either of us now would we?

i’m currently trying different foods (solids) with him, all pureed of course. i’ve tried banana and sweet potatoes but he seems to only like the baby rice cereal. hmm… it’s ok, there’s no rush. i think i’d really miss cuddling him and feeding him if he were to take to solids so soon.

(video insert here soon)

Power Struggle


don’t know what it is?

try dealing with a 2year old toddler everyday and you’ll know the exact meaning of it. don’t have to be in politics or business.

nearly everyday i have to struggle with Arielle on simple things like eating her food, toning down so she doesn’t wake her brother up, getting dressed, going to bed… but most of all, not to touch things she shouldn’t be touching.

she listens according to her mood or when chocolate is offered (this is a sureproof way) but most of the time; 7 out of 10, she just does whatever she wants whatever we say. things get worse when i’ve to attend to Ashton first.

just yesterday during nap time, she said she’s not sleepy (when she is!) and doesn’t want to nap – usually, i’ll convince her to sleep but yesterday i thought i’ll let her go her own way. so i told her, if you don’t want to nap, you mustn’t cry later and no tantrums.


so with much difficulty, i put Ashton to bed because this lil missy was making so much noise; whining and playing with stuff. and then she started getting cranky and asking for this and that (not really wanting them), just being ‘funny’; touching things she knows she shouldn’t. so after much heedless warnings from me, she got some smacking. she cried very loudly and terribly as if it’s the worst thing ever and didn’t want to stop. needless to say Ashton got up, and because he didn’t get enough sleep, he cried as well.

OH!!! i was soooo mad – emotionally and psychologically!! these kind of days really test my patience and sanity. i felt as if i could slap her senseless.

and then i’m reminded about what LOVE is supposed to be in 1 Corinthhians 13:4-8, through a bookmark which i was using for a book i was reading. wonder why i didn’t really notice the contents before.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is no proud. It is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps not record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. Love never fails.’

oh Lord forgive me for being so quick to anger. i pray that i’ll always be reminded of this so that i’m able to be a good parent to these 2 small, innocent and beautiful children of mine.