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Random at Nov 1


i’ve been thinking and thinking of what to write for the past few weeks now and i really can’t think of anything. it’s either i’m too busy, or it’ll take too long or i’m just plain lazy. haha….

i kinda realized something last night as i was ironing Ayl’s working shirts… i’d rather do ironing than babysit. LOL! i know! funny huh? but i rather enjoyed the peace as i was steaming the clothes away – no one clambering over me, scratching and pulling and screaming and demanding. kinda like a ME-time that i needed though it was still a chore.

i recalled talking to Angela about some of the ‘favourite’ house chores we have and frankly, i quite like doing the dishes, mopping and ironing. (don’t ask me why, and NO i won’t go to your house to do it for you LOL!!) what i hate most is taking out the garbage and dusting!

ever wondered what your fav housechore is? 🙂

Snow stopped, but now the Rain pulak


the temp’s gone up higher the past few weeks but still below 10*C; nevertheless, thank God!! finally no more snow – didn’t know that there’ll come a day when i’ll actually say this. it’s really so much of a hassle just walking and driving in it. so much for all the fantasies i had with snow before actually living in it. 

the official date for Spring is Mar 20th, which is just 2 days away now. we see more of the Sun nowadays, but it rains most of the days and unexpectedly. one min the sun is shining brightly, the other min it’s drizzling and then the strong winds come. no joke with strong winds here, can blow a kancil away man. 

anyway, i feel as if there’s some kind of expectation in the air and all around. it’s like all of a sudden, stores have nicer & colourful dresses up on ‘new arrival’, bikinis are back on the shelves, there’s green grass on the long stretches of farmland along the highway to Austria (i’m waiting for flowers!!), kids are playing outside, when i wake up i’m greeted by the sun (even at 6am, it’s already bright), and my mood is lighter everyday – must be the sun; or prolly the change of the season from a depressingly long and freezing winter to my fav season of all – SPRING! 

oh btw, have i mentioned that i FINALLY got my visa last thursday? well, it only just took us half a year! and i was only illegal until last thursday! 😛 so, now we can finally look to shift – we’re looking for a cheaper one, and one that is nearer to town so i don’t have to take the bus. 

here’s a latest video of Arielle, one of my fav! she’s growing up so fast! 

Snow STORM – GAH!!!


wohhhh… i’m an alien, i’m a legal alien. i’m an englishman in New York.

as i listened to Sting and awaited the green light, the street lights/traffic lights above and around me swayed a little under the pressure of the strong gusts of wind. in front of me, beyond my windshield, the snow practically went horizontal as it falls continuously from the sky. it’s so crazy!! and only yesterday, the temperature was 18*C; and ayl and i had a nice stroll at the park. 

i had to take the car out for grocery shopping, nothing left at home. i thought i could wait out for the rain & wind to stop first, but then just when i thought it was better, the rain turned to snow! oh boy! what happens when it snows hard is that the car is all covered and we’ll need to either scrape or brush off the snow. since it’d just fallen, i had to brush it off the windows in order to drive. good thing i wasn’t blown away by the wind; the snow was blowing right into my face and it stung… like small little pebbles thrown at you. then you get inside, and the windows are all misty; can hardly see.

no.. thank God i didn’t crash the company car, it was just a slight nudge to the gate when i was reversing… that’s all. blame it on the cars here; they don’t have reverse lights for reversing (well, maybe they do but it’s NOT BRIGHT ENOUGH) and they don’t have that annoying sensor to tell you that you’re way too near (i’ve come to appreciate that a lot now). plus, the car’s like a tank considering the car i used to drive around in Kajang. oh and one more vital point, it’s a left-hand drive here. it’s a total mistake to be driving out in this insane weather! 

the season is changing though. it’s not as cold as it used to be, these days it doesn’t get lower than zero degrees anymore. what a relief! after next week will be Spring Break for a week. so before i forget how my first winter is, i’d like to make some records. ha… 🙂


God’s wonderful creation; everything white and beautiful; romantic when seen from inside a warm cozy place; reminds me of korean love-dramas; freezing cold; slippery; iced ground; dangerous; misty windows; road accidents; Christmas; Christmas market; radiator at home and in the car; boots (we actually miss wearing slippers, and to think i got so excited to wear boots); wool clothes and socks; jackets, hats, scarfs, gloves, thermal underwear; layers and layers of clothes just to go out; missing my shorts and mini skirts; boring essential turtlenecks; being stuck indoors; when we reach a certain destination and it’s too warm for winter jackets and we had to peel them off and lug those bulky things around everywhere we go; winter activities like ice-skating, skiing/sleighing; hot thermal pool; jacuzzi; warm water from tap for all kinds of washing – what an essential!!; cold feet; nice and thick duvet; waking up in the morning and prefering to stay in bed coz it’s the warmest place in the house; ‘white breath’ when you exhale which also reminds me of korean dramas when they talk; frozen red noses; the sound of ice/snow being scrapped from ground; snowmans;  hanging up the laundry and freezing my fingers; indoors-only ice-cream; strong winds; my self-praised great driving skill suddenly turn rotten; staying indoors for long long boring hours; hot wine/hot choc; nice to have noodles with hot & spicy soup and last but not least, i now understand why the angmohs love the sun so much!!

25 Random Things about Me


i wrote this in Facebook… tot it’d be nice to put it here as well.

1. this is my first winter; seeing snow for the first time in my life. it’s beautiful and i love it, but i’d prefer staying out of it.

2. i was not prepared for motherhood – at all!

3. i’m a sentimental person – i keep all letters, postcards, greeting cards, things & etc that people send me through snail mail with the envelope & stamp intact. my first snail mail was from my penpal in Canada when i was 12yo – it’s nice to go through the whole collection sometimes.

4. i eat and eat but i still don’t gain; i’ve shed all my fat from being preggie. what’s left is the loose skin around my tummy :P~

5. my grandpa used to say ‘chi lu liao bee’ – it’s a waste of rice feeding me; coz i HAD a bottomless pit for a stomach and i never gain weight.

6. i love my baby to bits and pieces (coz she’s the most precious and beautiful thing EVER!!) but sometimes she drives me completely insane!!!

7. one of my secret desire is to be a humanitarian, not so much a missionary because the latter requires so much more.

8. sometimes i get too emotional – getting angry too fast, crying over a novel/movie, very impatient when i’m hungry.

9. an old friend’s motto back when she told me in 1997: ‘the best proof of love is trust’ … i still remember it till today; and i’ve come to believe it’s true.

10. the first time i actually hugged my whole family was on my wedding day itself at church, right after the ceremony. the only person in my family i’ve ever hugged then was only my mom when we meet up.

11. i thank God i have a wonderful Mother-In-Law!

12. i found i love cooking for people. it’s so rewarding… when the dishes are what they’re meant to be. hahaha…

13. i love penang, my beloved hometown. i miss it a lot esp the food and the beach.

14. i like everything to be CLEAN, as clean as possible. from the floor, to the bathroom (esp the sink!), to the bed, fingernails … etc. and my husband and baby must follow suit!

15. rice is rice. chicken is chicken. they shall not come into contact with each other when on the same plate. same goes to the veggies!

16. though there are so many varieties of bread to choose from here, i miss Gardenia bread!

17. once i start on a movie/drama, no matter how bad the show might be, i’ll have to finish watching it. or else, i’ll be obsessed with how it would’ve ended.

18. my 1st car is a 4-Door Honda Civic Hatchback; that dies off most of the time when i stop at a junction, and that has it’s meter in Miles/hr instead of KM/hr :D!

19. i don’t have any feelings for football (soccer), but i love playing foosball, i used to kick-butt with it!

20. i picked up mandarin in UKM; thanks to my Kom B (dorm) mates who believe that all chinese must speak mandarin.

21. i’m a sucker for Romantic Comedies – Hollywood and Korean specifically.

22. when i cry, even if it’s just a tiny bit – my eyes & nose turn red & swollen real quick. if i cry overnight, i end up looking like a goldfish the next morning.

23. i was such a big tomboy my bro once called me a butch and some girls in school had a crush on me.

24. ‘goodbyes’ are always difficult for me.

25. i love to give more than to receive; because it’s true; it’s much more fulfilling to give. but currently i don’t earn a cent, so … (shrugs). free hugs anyone?

Simple yet Heart-Warming


i didn’t know that receiving something simple like even a postcard from home would be so heart-warming; i only got to realize it now that i’m so far away from home … it shows that i’m either home-sick (and really suppressing it) or that i’m easy to please … hahaha!!!

i used to have a pen-pal from Ontario, Canada with whom i communicated via snail-mail for 4 to 5 years when i was 12 years old. i really enjoyed getting mails from him and we shared a lot of things through our letters over the years. there was always the anticipation while i waited for his reply and with snail-mail, i find there was so much more to say and share with each other than e-mail; mostly because of the bigger time gap in between the exchanges. i was disappointed that we didn’t continue writing; i blame it on the complexities of being adolescences. i still have all of his letters though, not that i have any special feelings for him – i’m just a sentimental person. 🙂 i like the envelopes with the stamps, post chops and the sticker that says ‘Par Avion’; they have come a loooonng way, through and by many hands just to get to me.

well anyway, we got our first snail-mail from home when a postcard came from Penang!! and it was from Khai Chung and Mee Siing, how lovely – it was really a nice surprise though it’s just a piece of card. then another surprise came when we got a chit from the postman to go collect a parcel from the post-office just down the road. i was thinking that it would probably be some formal documents for my visa application; just like the ones Aylwin had for his’. you can imagine my surprise when the lady behind the counter passed me a big parcel wrapped in brown paper with bold letters typed and addressed to me. i turned and saw the sender to be … Raymond Boo. hehehe… then i recalled our little conversation over skype about me asking for the nice bookmarks that they handmade for fund raising.

i rushed back home excitedly to show Aylwin and i nicely opened the packaging; no … actually i tore it into half with a lot of force because, i wasn’t sure if it was the sender or the post-office, the whole package was taped up really tight!! and then awwww … when i saw what was inside. THANK YOU SO MUCH MR BOO AND FAMILY! at least i didn’t feel so left-out when i saw the Christmas party pics in FB – coz we have already receive your present! 😀 and btw, the herbal chicken was really nice!! bak kut teh we still have a few more packets with us that we brought when we came.

the latest one we got was another mail from Khai Chung and Mee Siing. we got a personal invitation to see him act on stage live for The Dream … yes, thank you so much (can you hear the sarcasm??). but really thank you so much; the bookmarks are out of this world! they’re really nice and very unique! they would be of good use for the newly bought Stephenie Meyer’s collection. right now even your envelope is of use as a bookmark.

Arielle says thank you!! (see pin on head)

Arielle says thank you!! (see pin on head)

Making ‘Sugar balls’ from Snow??


it snowed heavily today in the morning and early noon, and snow gathered on the balcony outside our bedroom. the first thing i thought of was if could make them into balls and put different kinds of sugar/syrup on it as dessert… hahaha…

brings me back to the time in Penang, when i used to cycle around Pulau Tikus near my school, i used to stop by this ais-kacang stall (one beside the bicycle shop) and order a ball of ice shaving coated with sweet syrups. the ideal dessert for a hot sunny day. but of course you’ll need to wash your hands and mouth after that from all the melted sugar and ice.

i actually might do it since it’s so easy to make, just that i don’t have the ingredients for it: ang-tng, sarsi-tng, or-tng (the different kinds of syrup). bleh!!

an ice ball in the making coated with different kinds of syrup

an ice ball in the making coated with different kinds of syrup