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Nursing necessities


ok, so it’s 4 months plus already and i’m still nursing ashton. being back here in brats makes it more convenient for me as i don’t have to hide in the room anymore each time i need to feed him coz there’s no one else at home here with us unlike in kuching; where the whole house is filled with ‘boys’, the only girls are my MIL and i.

so what has been my companion in nursing ever since, things i can’t live without?

1. Nursing Poncho – helped me to nurse in private, though right now ash’s getting bigger and more curious and sometimes he’ll try to open the poncho up. i used it so often it became sort of a comfort zone for him.
ash recognizes new places and it becomes quite difficult for him to adjust since i move around a lot, so using the poncho helped to calm him down.

2. Ring Sling – now that i’ve 2, the sling has really helped to free my hands so that i can do a few things with/for arielle. i’ve not tried Bfeeding with it cos it really takes time and skill to do it. i managed to take the flight to penang alone thanks to the sling.
one great thing about the sling is it’s a super effective comforting tool. just put the baby in and they stop crying, but not for too long la cos your back might break.

with Arielle (2half years) and Ashton (4months)

3. Medela breast pump – i was advised to get an electric pump by most breastfeeding moms but i thought to myself since i’m a stay home mom, i won’t need to pump as often as those working. so i got myself a manual one from Medela, a bit costly but no regrets. i’ve tried Avent from a friend’s but it wasn’t so compatible, so i got Medela instead since i’ve heard so many good things about the brand. very easy to use and wash and very effective – so very happy with the purchase esp when i’m bloated 😛

4. Nursing initimates – after buying them online (not cheap with delivery costs as well), i went to penang and found them sold in Tesco!!!!! and at half the price!!!! what the heck!!!

so i’ve tried bottle-feeding and breast-feeding. leona asked me which one i prefer… i’d quote from a good guy-friend ‘breast is best’!! no heavy water bottles/thermos, no worries of where to get milk powder when it runs out, no worries if baby is drinking enough water… the best thing is, baby doesn’t get sick so easily and mommy gets a quick slim-down!

indeed, BREAST IS BEST!! 🙂